Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ashley Greene Out & About With Her REAL Parents ;)

I love seeing celebs, especially Twi-celebs out & about with their parents. Here's Ash in NYC with her Mon & Dad. You can see where she get's her great hair...her Mom's is pretty too.

So cute!

*via Twifans


  1. ashley's mom is super cute! i feel so bad for ash after breaking up with a jonas! its not a big deal!

    i can't imagine if my break up with a young boyfriend was scrutinized. we've all made bad boyfriend decisions!

    i hope ashley gets all the love she deserves...*kellen? are you there kellen*

    *whispers*...yes i kind of want to see kellen and ashley together!

    ....and that how i feel about ashley greene:)

  2. They both look cute.

  3. Aww she and her Mom look a lot alike!

    @lb, they broke up???? Hadn't heard.

  4. That girl is so darn pretty. I wish they made her just as pretty in Twilight as she is in RL but that's another complaint for another day.

    I love her and am sad for her about the breakup but I'm hoping she stays away from my man... if ya know what I mean. Sarah, I know you get it! ;)

  5. @TongueTwied yes they broke up! a couple days ago. they both said the relationship wasn't very serious and i believe them.

  6. Wow, she looks a lot like her mom!


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