Friday, March 25, 2011

Elusive S FINALLY Answers.


@Jaymes805's  8 Questions LMAO!

1. If you HAD to choose (since we had this convo on facebook a few days ago) would you rather be Jackson's wife with kids and have me be the mistress or the other way around? You must choose and explain why.

OK Jaimie, so many good arguments for both! But at the end of the day, I suppose, I'd rather be the wife. I might not want kids, but as per my post a few mos ago, Jackson and I have similar coloring and I think we would have cute kids... so that might change my mind. Besides my last name could be RathBONE and I could bone him whenever I wanted... Too awesome.

2. Most embarrassing moment...

TOO many to count, Jamie! Most recently, I left my art class early... picture me toting around a large school bag plus a yoga mat... I went to the bathroom with both devices still attached to my back/shoulder... I left the bathroom and walked a good few yards before I got annoyed at whatever was tickling my ass and my ankle and tried to kick it off... well... I had a longggg piece of toilet paper tucked all the way into my thong underwear that spanned down to my ankle... I SHOULD have been embarrassed but I was laughing too hard to go there. It should have been embarrassing though.

3. Going back to your previous post about dating men, explain one of the nicknames for a guy you've dated in the past.

FFSOB: Fuck Face Son of A Bitch... my ex fiance- he had a fucked face, that I slapped pretty hard after he moved me out to australia and we were engaged for 2 1/2 yrs and turns out he was cheating on me for 3 yrs.... and he was literally the son of a psycho bitch mother.

4. Worst sexual experience.

I wasn't quite done with my period... but thought I was... annnd... it was my first time. whoops.

5. Favorite 100 Monkeys song

There are sooo many, so hard to choose my FAVE... erm......... The Fair? Junkie? gahhhhhh! I'll go with Orson Brawl :D

6. Least favorite 100 Monkeys song

Smoke... ?

7. Whats your favorite picture of Jackson?

um... really Jamie? This is like torture... I opt for fave of mine and fave I've found online...

8. Biggest pet peeve about the opposite sex.

Easy... 2 words: Unruly Pubes.

@TwiKiwi50 Questions!

1. Fuck, marry, kill. You must assign one of the following to each category. No passing, no comments, no getting out of it. And I want rationales for each please.

Amy, I kind of hate you for this!

Robert Pattinson Fuck-because he's untouchable and Jackson is my husband so...

Peter Facinelli I can't kill him... but I have to because you are making me. Rationale: Jenny Garth would surely kill me if I fucked or married him. I LOVE PFACH.

Jackson Rathbone MARRY so I get a lifetime of fucking that hottie patottie.

AND THEN, just for fun: (and yes, you can kill vamps in this example)

Edward Cullen- Marry, he seems like he'd do dirty things.

Carlisle Cullen- Fuck... hell yeah, a little papa cullen to soothe the soul...

Jasper Hale Kill-sorry Jasper... but you just cause a lot of trouble except for teaching fighting...

Well that was fun!

Since we got such great questions from you...stay tuned for installment numero dos!



  1. LMAO!! Good questions. Great answers.

    FFSOB... sounds like he earned that one. Geez!

    Toilet paper... juvenile humor never gets old

    PMS(L)... on your first time? Really?! Oh my.

    FMK... Always fun.

    Now that I see there's going to be a second installment, I've got some thinking to do.

  2. Unruly pubes....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Hahahahah I'm crying from laughter. F that FFSOB!!! What a dick.

    Unruly pubes made me laugh so so so eyes are still blurry from tears. SUCH good answers!

  4. Brilliant! Well done, ES! I can see why you'd kill Jasper.

    You ladies have inspired me.. might have to do something similar over on TwiKiwi one of these days.

    PS - FFSOB = don't let that experience deter you from 'down under', sweetie. There are nice ones down here too! (apparently).

  5. Unruly pubes??? That cracked me up. Somehow that wouldn't have been on my list of pet peeves for the opposite sex. Of course I may just have been married for too long.

  6. @LISA
    1 Seriously! 2 ABSOLUTELY 4 Yes, so terrible, but i told the dude it must be because i was a virgin, bahaha, stupid boy!!

    @Twikiwi-totally didn't ruin my AU experience... I had an exch student in highschool, we became best friends and traveled here and there together a few times before I met FFSOB so I'd already had a great intro :) I lived in AU for 2 yrs and loooovvved it. Have been back since and to NZ since :D

    UNRULY PUBES... SO many men have them! And as a girl who gets brazillians every 5 weeks, long unruly wild pubes that are falling out all over the place freak me out.

  7. I love when embarrassing moments just aren't and you can laught at it all and just see the humor.

    I can't stop singing "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you." LOL!!

  8. Getting to like you,
    Getting to hope you like me.

    Getting to know you,
    Putting it my way,
    But nicely,
    You are precisely,
    My cup of tea.



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