Thursday, March 31, 2011

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *Movie Spoiler Free

I think I speak for the majority of the fandom when I say:

Today, my eyes bared witness to some glorious Breaking Dawn stills.  But no spoilers here.The spoiler h00r is NOT going to post them.  I know, shocking. Admittedly, I'm too scared to post them. That doesn't mean I don't have them......Think Edward ripping Renesmee from Bella's uterus, Edward pumping Bella in bed on Isle Esme, Bella laying lifeless on a makeshift gurney. OH, and did I mentioned Edward PUMPING Bella full of his vampjuice? YES folks, I know, I mentioned it. BUT HOLY SHITBALLS! I am still in shock. His arms on the headboard are a sight to be seen. How is the movie supposed to be rated just PG 13?!?

Do you think Scummit released them as a know, to stir things up? I mean we were feeling a little lethargic in the BD was approaching near drought status. 

Have you seen the pics? Thoughts? Gah!!! I am so overwhelmed.



  1. I haven't seen them! WHERE can I find them?! I especially wanna see "his arms on the headboard"!!! GAH!! Jen, ya gotta help...please??

  2. Email me I don't have your email.

  3. I have no words. Today has been a constant eye orgasm. Seriously there has to be at least like 50 pics released today. I emailed out 20 earlier and now I'm seeing so many more that I hadnt seen yet.

    I really hope all of these scenes make it to the movie. I'm thinking that they were released because we virtually have had NOTHING released related to this movie yet minus like 2 pictures. :)

  4. I was SO out of the loop today. Thanks for emailing me! Still a few I haven't seen but am catching up xx

  5. OME Jen, there are no words. Just an amazing day. I could not go to sleep last night because I was so afraid I would miss a new one. I'm with you about not posting them....I'm too chicken. LOL I wonder if we'll ever find out how they got out. That had to be soooooo weird for Robsten to film that, don't ya think?
    How many more days til BD?????? grrrrrr - cant' wait!

  6. Pumping Bella full of vampjuice??? LMFAO!!

    It's a good thing you didn't post them. I believe Summit is removing people's ovaries as punishment for posting the leaked stills. That they probably leaked in the first place but whatever.

  7. I can barely think of anything else. Mostly my thoughts (and dreams) bounce back and forth between the headboard and thrusting. headboard and thrusing. headboard and thrusting. headoboard and thrusting.

  8. my fave is the HEADBOARD photo!!!!

  9. please! send me those pictures! my email is, i haven't see them before (sorry, my english is not good), please! send me those pics!!!! i'll be so thankfull!!!!

  10. Lmao, I can't get past the OH MY GAWD picture!!

    Edward's headboard arms, squeeee!


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