Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anything To Get Rob's Attention.

Pssssst, Rob..........


*Pic of Rob, from the other night. Sources say KStew is hiding in the back taking a pic w/ one of the girls.

Psssst, guess who just arrived back in Vancouver?

Pssssssst, guess who visited those American Idol kiddos?



  1. If he were looking at the phone instead of taking I would've said "he's looking at the braless picture you posted on twitter last night!" ;)

    Soooooooo happy we're getting some sightings. FINALLY!

    And KStew was in def the background of another picture I saw yesterday. She was half hidden, but it was her.

  2. So I wonder who the fan asked Rob to call. He looks like he's trying to convince someone in his English accent, "No ree-ley, it's me Rob Pat-in-son."

    Whoever ws on the other end of that call is one lucky b*tch!

  3. That poor unfortunate nose that managed to sneak into that cropped!


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