Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shake Your Shamrocks & Jake The Jerk.

Please forgive the quality of the following pictures. They were taken on my crackberry with the sun coming through the living room window. I wasn't going for an award or anything, just a quick snap shot.

That said, meet Norman II. Yes that's right, there was a Norman prior to him. He lived about 4 years!

You might be wondering why poor Norman II looks like a Vampire got to him. Look to the left of the pictures and you'll see the Vamp himself. Jerk. For the past 7 years Jake (the cat) has had a serious oral fixation. If it isn't tampons & spaghetti straps, it's flowers & string...he will eat anything. It's a wonder he hasn't had to be rushed to the Kitty ER with bowel obstruction. Anyhoo, Norman I & II Jake has never bothered...mainly because the table is narrow....UNTIL NOW. Ok I take part of that back, he will go after the plant if I'm watering it in the sink and leave it unattended...which is rare. LONG STORY even longer, Jake the Jerk recently got ahold of Norman II. I don't know if he was just pissed from being left home alone all day with the windows shut becaue it was an unusually cold day in San Diego (hold your laughter), or if he was just feeling snarky. I will never know. But as you can see above, he got to him.

I came up with a game plan to protect Noman II.

I mean HELLO, who better to protect you, than EDWARD!?! E.

DG came home from work today and asked if Jake had gotten to Norman II again. I said no & he asked how I could tell. Um.....because Edward is there. DG did find it humorous...and smart!

Sidenote for the blondes like me: I'd know, because Edward would be tipped over.

I decided to re-introduce Jake to Edward. He may be small, but he's FAAAAASSST.

Ok my cat can certainly be a jerk, but I still love him, in some twisted manner.

On to other random things, I have had such a hard time adjusting to this time change. Christ, it's only an hour ahead. BUT, I'm just not tired when I should be. Sure I feel groggy driving home from work, but once home, I'm not tired till midnight. With all my energy last night, I ended up baking cupcakes for DG, as today is his birthday. I attempted to do "golf-ish" cupcakes...and I think I faired pretty well for someone that is hardly creative in the baking department.

And as if this blog couldn't get more random, here's the shirt I bought today. I have nowhere to wear it tomorrow, but am hoping one of my girlfriends or DG will say "let's go drink green beer." Sweet.

That is all.

Wait, there's more.....

This cracks me up...Rob, running with his pot of GOLD.



  1. Lol I want to cuddle Jake so much!!! Such a good idea to use Mini E. We should try that with our Mini E or Mini J. Except instead of the plant, we could put it on the stove where our disgusting cat Jasper likes to pee. Bastard. We can't have plants because Bella eats them like crazy.. I would love to have a Norman.

    Happy Bday to DG! :)

  2. I feel Norman's pain - although my peace lily dies from heat in my lounge (that's living room to you) not from animal attack. I've had mine since I was 21 - I just keep dividing it once a year cos it's so massive now, there are baby plants all over the place that I keep giving away to people.

    I'm writing this week's DML with a St Paddy's theme - we clearly googled the same image! Hmm...

    I've been thinking lately about getting a cat - but will probably wait till after my trip I think. I reckon I mostly want one to name him/her after a twilight character, since it seems to be the thing to do (sure, sure, you've had Jake longer... I still maintain you changed his name).

  3. J- Your cat pees on the stove? WTF?! lmao!

    A- I will have you know that I would have never named him Jake if I would have known he'd be named after a whiney mutt ;) I wouldn't have named him Edward though either...just don't like the name, now matter how dreamy he is. I would have named him Jasper. I'd love a Jasper & Alice...or even a Carlisle..that's such a great name for a cat! Ok, I need a fish or something for my office...and I'll name him Carlisle. LOL

    PS wait to get the cat till after your trip. That's my advice!

    xo J

  4. LOL! Brilliant idea to have Mini E protect Norman II!

    I have limited house plants cuz my cats will eat them if they can get at them. (having said that, I think I just managed to neglect all my plants to death, oops). We had to childproof the kitchen before we had kids cuz of our boy cat, Moe. I actually have a video of him opening the cupboard door as far as he could with one paw (an inch maybe, we had the doors elasticed together to keep him out) and use the other paw to swipe the butter dish, then back out to lick off. Repeat. Hilarious, except that it was a PITA!

    @Jaymes - your cat pees on the stove? Ew!


  5. lovely post- poor norman ii... so sad. i have a black thumb, i'd kill a silk plant. however for some inexplicable reason i haven't managed to kill the mini evergreen that was used as a christmas tree- go figure. (my greyhound won't go near anything that doesn't move)

    happy st patty's day!

  6. Happy St. Pat's Day, sweeties!! That pic of Leprochaun Rob totally cracks me up :) Jen, you must go somewhere tonight and wear the shirt!!

  7. OMG, my cat does the same thing. I just bought a new palm tree for my dining room and I noticed that my cat, the ghetto Pumpkin Pie, all thug-like (she was a feral kitty that we rescued and has one eye) has been throwing up pieces of plant. So I had to elevate the palm and put it on a plant stand, but it's a huge palm and that looks freaking retarded. (I have design issues, I'm very anal about where shit is placed.)

    @Jaymes-OMG, your cat pees on the stove?

  8. your cupcakes turned out cute!.......sorry got distracted as i'm writing i've got rob disrobing on my left. and rob and kstew making out to my right.

    what was i saying? something about cupcakes? uhh yeah good job....*staring at disrobing rob on the left*

    sorry i'm new here. and apparently easily distracted.....

    hope your hubs enjoyed the cupcakes and you left them out of sunlight. forgot to mention that in my tweet.

  9. Very creative cupcakes! Hope you and DG enjoyed celebrating!

    Your cat is very cute. My cat does the same things with plants!

  10. We got rid of all our plants because my first cat would eat them all. I would rather have cats than plants but that is just me :) I love Jake the Jerk though, he is a cutie.

    Happy very belated St. Patrick's Day


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