Sunday, February 6, 2011

ASkars Ditched Me On A Shuttle.

tweeted me this picture yesterday in the midst of my dress shopping...I glanced at it with good intentions to go back later. I just now googled it in hopes of getting a better look. What I got was a shock to my lady bits. "Ho-ly hell," I gasped as my s/o looked down at my screen. "Looks like me..." he said casually...I could barely muster a nod.

Ok let's get to the pics....I cannot believe I have never seen these before! Thank you @VampiresWeLove, I might have missed these if it wasn't for your sweet tweet.

His arms = Sex.

Looks like he's thinking naughty thoughts.
Great minds think alike ;)

That chin...those lips. Ungh...

In addition to these lovely pics, I must share that I had a dream about ASkars about 2 nights ago. Basically I was at this place where I used to take gymnastics, but it looked like a mall & a school put together....there was some kind of party or get together happening. Long story short, I got the courage up to ask him if he wanted to go watch a movie with me...He hesitated, then said yah...It was weird because I 'think' he was a celeb in my dream, because I knew who he was immediately, but no one else was bothering him...As the party or whatever it was started to wind down, I went to find him, and he was getting into some kind of shuttle. I started to ask him if he was still up going back to his place to see a movie and he just said he "had stuff to do..."

ASkars blew me off! LOL You know how dreams are though?? RANDOM.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone, I'm not into it this year. lol

P.S. LKW just posted a heart stopping Rob vid over at Twitarded. Check it out!



  1. I'm pretty sure this Details shoot was right after Rob's. It was 3 covers-Eric/Bill/Jason..they were all hot!! I'll send you some more pics-I have a whole lotta Sexy Skars ;)

  2. Ho-lee shitballs. *screen lick* thank you Jen and thank you VampsweLove! Argh....... the ASkars drought has been waaaaay too long! xxx

  3. I'm so ashamed that I still haven't watched the 2nd season of True Blood! It's sitting on top of my TV wrapped in plastic patiently waiting for me to ditch the family and indulge. You've inspired me to get right on that :)


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