Monday, February 21, 2011

Robsten Arrives In Vancouver & ASkars Loves Sundresses.

According to Robert Pattinson Life and other sources, Robsten arrived in Vancouver yesterday. Damnit, why couldn't I have stayed in LA yesterday evening to just "hang out" at LAX. No, I wouldn't be some crazy ass stalker fan if I spotted them, I'd just stand to the side quietly shitting my pants. Definitely a time when Depends would come in handy ;)

His old school MTV Varsity jacket is killin' me.
PS Totally LOVING his hair.

These type of pics always make me feel for Kristen.
She's obviously anticipating the crazy fans & aggressive paps.

On an entirely different subject...NOTE: If you're not an ASkars fan, you can skip along.

Last night I had a dream about Alexander Skarsgard...again. BUT this time, I didn't get shafted. Hmm speaking of shafts......Oh right, my dream. Anyways the dream was much more involved than just the ASkars part, but that's the part that counts, right?

ASkars as Mr. Eric Northman.

Sorry, got distracted. Basically in the dream I was trying to hook up with him, AGAIN. Anyhoo, in the dream we were at some kind of country club/hotel in the woods that apparently his father owned. I knew where he was staying and I just showed up to his room. He seemed a little annoyed and put off. So I left slightly embarrassed. Later, I get a note from his saying that I need to meet him at a the tennis court after lunch...but at this point it's already 4pm so I hightail it back to my place to change and shower.


Of course I'm internally cursing at myself for waking up and praying to gawd I can fall asleep and back into the dream.... GUESS WHAT?! IT WORKED! For the first time in my entire life, I actually fell back asleep and into the amazing dream I was having....

Back into the dream: When I go to the tennis court he's not there, so I go in search of him. While searching I read his note again and realize I hadn't read the second half, which is where he told me to make sure and wear a sundress. Of course I race back to my room again and fly through my Sister's closet because she owns a ton of dresses and I own one. I run back to Alex's room and find him in a dark hallway sitting in a chair with a girl on his lap. Of course she's some European looking model with a sun dress on. I internally tell myself to suck it up and turn on the charm. I saunter over towards him and sit on his free knee. He looks a little taken aback & slightly pleased. He then encourages to me to kiss the girl, but I'm totally NOT interested in her, all I want is him. Minutes later, another model looking chick comes over and starts kissing the girl sitting next to me. They walk off together leaving me with Mr. Gorgeous. I get up and turn around so that I'm straddling him face on. We start to kiss, slowly at first, and then more aggressively. I slow him down, and bite his lower lip. He seems to like it, so I do it more. Then I feel his erection pressing against my underwear, because of course I'm wearing a sundress. We continue making out until I'm satisfied, which doesn't take more than another 30 seconds ;)

In appreciation of Mr. Skarsgard....and with hopes I'll dream about him a third time...

I have it bad.



  1. I don't care if I'm 3800+ miles away, we're in the same country. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    And Dammit, I miss Vancouver. Nothing exciting happens here on the east coast.


  2. Rob looks really good in that jacket. I'm totally loving the hair too :)

  3. Dude I don't even watch TB but damn, I'm super jealous of that dream. Good thing you got those two other chicks outta there! Cockblockers. :)

    I looove when I can fall back asleep and go into the same dream. I think I did it last night actually. I never remember my whole dream until later in the day so we'll see.

  4. When I saw the name of this post it reminded me of this scene from season 2 When ASkars wears a sundress lol-

  5. yay, another askars fan! his pix are all over my blog too (along with rpattz)! nice that you were able to get back into your dream!!!! looking forward to season 4 of true blood!


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