Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100 Monkeys In Tha Motha Effin' Houuuse!

Often times when I warn you I wont be posting much, I end posting much more. It's like Murphy's law or something. Truth be told I am super busy @ work and have had 2 11 hour days because of events...BUT posting becomes therapeutic to me & I end up doing it more, not less. Interessssting....

You know what else is therapeutic...a 100 Monkeys Show!!!!!!!

Thanks to @Jaymes805, I was promptly made aware that they're bringing their sweet asses back to LA on February 19th. Crazy as it is, I had just checked their website about 30 min before, and no new shows were posted! All of a sudden BANG, it was there. Looks as though Jackson is taking a mini-LA break between Baton Rouge & Vancouver. Lucky us :)

You best believe I bought our tix in a flash.....however later in the evening, much to my utter horror, I realized their were NO hotel rooms available in or around West Hollywood for that night. The cute little Ramada Plaza W. Hollywood where we usually try to stay (because of it's walking distance to the Viper Room/Roxy etc) was $235 not including taxes and fees. The most we ever paid was $150 and that was me being stupid with my credit card. Some of the more upscale hotels such as the Mondrian is going for $850! Jackson you're hawt...hawt as all hell, but I'm sorry...I can't drop that much to be within a block of the venue.

*Side note: This is all going on because of some stooooopid NBA allstars thing that weekend.
Yes, I hate basketball...esp when it interferes with stuff like THIS.

$79 @ the Comfort Inn..winna winna winna'!!!
Why thank you Jax. my wits end, I called this particular Comfort Inn (accross from a Best Western we once stayed at in a pinch) and the guy said he had one room left for $79....I'LLTAKE IT! It's in the heart of dirrty Hollywood near the Hollywood Bowl. About 3 100 Monkeys LA Concerts ago, we stayed in that area and spent $25 trying to get to W. Hollywood in a cab. The cab driver got stuck in some sort of crazy Hollywood Blvd Christmas Parade traffic and it took a good 25 minutes.

This is the shit storm our cab ran into.

Long story short, it should only cost about $15 to get there. Believe me for us, it's worth it. We like to drink & NOT DRIVE.

Anyhoo, rumor has it those Borderline Phenomenal girls will be coming, as well as @ZAnyMouse, aka Zina...poor @TwiloveSue will be OUT OF TOWN. Booo, BUT she went to the last show I it evens out right? JK Sue, we'll miss you! Oh, and let us not forget @LuvsMeSumEdward might come too!

Woohoo! ES and I plan to have breakfast again at the place where we met David Slade...and do a little shopping/celeb stalking in W. Hollywood :) Hey, we went into Bristol Farms for "water" and ran into Kate Walsh from Greys/Private Practice!

Ok...I'm way to excited. I thought my birthday week/weekend was going to suck because work is soo busy, but this makes up for it!

P.S. IF Jackson has a break from the BD set, before heading to Vancouver, I can't help but wonder if Rob might too?!? SQUEEEEE! Rob stalk 2011!



  1. SQUEEEEEE!!! I seriously can't believe how excited I am. I couldn't even finish work for the last 30 minutes because I was too happy. I mean it's dumb right? People see this band all the time. I shouldn't be that excited haha. Buuut, I am. I guess it's because I haven't seen them yet and I listen to them all freakin day long and they rapidly became my favorite band. And not just because I'm head over heels for that beautiful beautiful man, but because I love everything about the entire group. They rock my socks.

    I need to get on this hotel thing STAT tomorrow and get it all figured out. I'm so excited you're going to have a good birthday weekend this year!! I'm not really looking forward to mine but this will totally make up for it. Can't wait to hang out with you ladies! :)

    I don't even know what I just wrote...still too excited. :)

  2. @Jaymes I totally hear ya girl. My boss said "I have never seen you dance.." I'm like well..."I have only worked here 4 mos..." She thought it was cute.

    You should be EXCITED. I just hope they aren't the random opening band...normally people open for them, but it's at the Roxy, so who knows. Often times they'll say 7:30, because that's when the doors open, but they could be going on then, who knows. Sarah doesn't get off work till 2pm, so we'll just go straight there. Can't wait to see you! And, can't wait for you to see him. Try to get up up front. It's worth it. ;)

    xo J

  3. Lol...yea, James was on that shit in like 2.2 seconds :) Woo hoo...hopefully I am able to join you ladies in rocking out to the 100 Monkeys. I've never seen them before :) Smart thinking on calling the hotel! Totally forgot about All-star weekend. That also means there will be more celebs in town than usual!

  4. Jen, you KNOW it's killing me to miss this one!! I'll be sending along my representatives ZAnyMouse, Twifixx, and the two Twi-daughters, so please make sure they behave themselves. Count me in for Rob Stalk 2011 :)

  5. Wooooohooooo! (running around in a banana suit) I am so excited, and absolutely cannot wait to see our monkey men!! I'm glad you were able to get a place to stay, and I love the sound of Robstalk 2011. Is it going to be like Woodstock? Camping out for days, no access to clean bathrooms or showers, and wild music?

  6. UGH. Have fun you bitches. I'm jealous as hell!!


  7. @Jen- I REALLY hope they aren't the random opening band either. But you would think they wouldn't be flying in from Canada just to open for someone would they? Or would they? Haha I'm hoping not. But even if they only play one song, as long as I get to stare at that MOS, I'm good. I really hope I'm super wasted by the time they get on stage haha. Otherwise I'll clam up and be all in shock.

    Gah, I can't WAIT!!!!


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