Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jackson Is Way Gooder Than Justin Bieber!

Often on busy days I barely have time to sneak a glance at my blog email. But when I do take a look, it's sooo hard to stop at just one one...mainly because their is a whole thread of witty shit.

You chicks KILL ME.

Today was a perfect example of this...I was trying to finish up some stuff at work when @Jaymes805 emails a few of us about a quick convo she had with a co worker. In a nutshell, she told her co worker how excited she was to go to her concert. The girl jokingly said "Justin Bieber?" and of course followed up with "JK. That Vampire guy?"

The following is the email thread (well, most of it):

Me: LMAO! That 'Vampire Guy' is sure hot as hell on stage. TRUST.

Jaynes805: Please pick my jaw up off the floor when I start drooling. Crap, I'm gonna need to wear a diaper. I sure hope I'm drunk by the time they go on stage or I might actually have a heart attack. Jackson is my Bieber. (I want a shirt that says that.) Jk. I'll be cool.

Me: LOL! Or it could stay "Screw Bieber Fever, I Want Some Jackson Action!" PS I am copywriting that RIGHT NOW. AND, I'm going to post about it. Just sayin'. YES, I will give you credit for saying Jackson is my Bieber.
Sarah and I always try to have a couple drinks before...and end up pretty buzzed once the night is through. BUT you don't want to be DRUNK when they go on....cause what if you puke!?!? Then you might end up in the bathroom missing out!

Jaymes805: Haha yesss!!! I might have to steal Amanda's comp tonight to read that post. I would read it from my phone but I'm guessing there will be a Jackson picture on it somewhere and I will need to see it in full force.

LuvsMeSumEdward: Lmao! Jamie- I volunteer to smack you around if you start getting too out of control when he gets on stage ;) are you gonna wear the birthday sash or the "screw Justin Bieber" shirt ;) I'm so effing excited!!!!!

Me: Wait it should be "Screw Bieber Fever I want some action from Jackson!"

Jaymes805: "Screw Bieber Fever, I've got Jacksonitis" :)

Me: Oh snap..points for that one!!! And u used a Twired word! I might need a sign or a t shirt!

Jaymes805: Haha sweet! I'm gonna play the aloof fan who's like "whaaaat? Who's 100 Monkeys. You guys sound pretty cool I guess" then go all batshit crazy behind the scenes and be wearin my "Team Rathbone" tank top because yes, I DID get one for my birthday :) FYI Jess, that whole dialogue was said in my head in a Barney Stinson voice for some reason.

LuvsMeSumEdward: "screw Bieber Fever, I've got Jacksonitis" We've got a winner! Someone must do something with this! Jamie...lmfao! I totally read it that way! It's gonna be Legend...wait for it...

17foreverlisa: You wordy h00rs! LOL! I've been working on a project and find this long thread. I will see Rob. I will meet Jackson. I wil die happy :)

17foreverlisa: I will not habe a tiepo.

Jaymes805: Your type gooder than I do. Damn iPhone! (gooder is my new fav word because it sounds so refined)

Me: Jackson is way gooder than Justin Bieber

Jaymes805: Hahahaha true story! He sings more better too. :p

Me: "Baaaby, Baaaaaby, Baaaaaby..Ohhhhh"......I think JAction can top that shit ;)

Jaymes805: Haha getting the biebs stuck in my head before bed?!? Bring on the nightmares! :)

"Yes laaadies, I am way gooder."



***Jacksonis was coined by TWIRED & "Screw Bieber Fever, I've Got Jacksonitis" was coined by Jaymes805....just sayin'.


  1. Lmfao...Jackson is WAY gooder than the Biebs! But don't tell my daughter I said that cause she'll get mad at me ;) I flove you always make me laugh!

  2. I SO missed the gist of these emails! Today was MENTAL at work, and I'd check in, and then have no idea WTF was going on. So over my head.

    But JBone v Bieber? No contest. Obv.

  3. No argument here. Jackson is fuckhawt and an amazing musician. Down with the Biebs!

    "Screw Bieber Fever, I've Got Jacksonitis" Love it!!

  4. That convo was tooooo funny. And the Gooder pic of Action Jackson was a perfect start to my morning.

    ps- I want in on these e-mails. I sit in front of a computer all day at work.

  5. Haha this convo was awesome. Jackson is way more gooder than the Biebs. I wish there was a name like "The Biebs" for Jackson. Maybe "The Rath" Can't wait to see him in front of me singin away with his MOS instead of just hanging on a picture board in my room with all of my other twi-swag. We will have a funner time there than any of those peeps at the Bieber concert. :)
    (funner is also my new fav word. I still like gooder the best though) :)

  6. Damn I miss twitter and blogging. I definitely have Jacksonitis....sigh he is delish! My younger son played a joke on my a little while ago and changed the ring tone on my phone to a Bieber song - gah!!!! It was bad. It rang at work while this cute client was there *facepalm*.


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