Sunday, August 29, 2010

Because I like It. Ok?!

Part of me feels guilty for just posting a bunch of random stuff, simply because I like it. However in the interest of being self-centered, I'm gonna go for it ;)

*It may or may not be because I'm SUPER tired.

Finger-hair Porn.

This makes me tingle.

Newly released outtakes of Kristen Stewart from the EW shoot. I think she's stunning.

I like to think that this is her...
"You'll never guess what Rob & I did ALL night long" face.

Love it.

And I might have posted this picture the other day, but it killz me. Does me in.

Someone wanna volunteer to make me a Blackberry Bold wallpaper with this pic?
*cough, TC, cough*

I'd be forever grateful. Just sayin'.

This pic makes me think that Fifty is chasing me around the kitchen with his twitchy palm.


(fan fiction reference for those of you out of the loop...I was once out of the MOTU loop...those were the sad days.)

"Did you just roll your eyes at me Ms. Jen?"

"Bend over."

And this lil' number was tweeted by Robmusement yesterday. I was having a super crazy morning at work and it helped calm me down significantly...

...among other things.

F*ckhawt lip porn.

And back to KStew for a second, here she is signing autographs in Argentina. She was also spotted at the airport there with a fan. You can see the rest of the pics here.

I missed the Stew.

And I can't end a post without mentioning TT's epic adventure at a Paramore concert.
Go here to read part 1.
and part 2.

Now who wants a brand spankin' new Robsten vid?!
*waves at Lisa*


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  1. So many MOTU possibilities with the Another Man outtakes. The kill me too...


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