Friday, August 20, 2010

I Wanna Give Jackson A Sponge Bath. 2 For The Price of 1.

Clearly I'm on a roll, seeing as my last post was entitled, "I Wanna Sit On Robs Face." Anyways, if you don't have Jacksonitis, you'll have it after watching this vid. The boy just oooozes sex. Watching this vid inspires me to give Jackson a sponge bath...I wouldn't wash away all the dirtiness though ;) ....Just sayin'.

BTS of Jackson Rathbone's Trouix Magazine shoot....


( 2 Jackson posts for the price of 1!)

"Hot Teen Idol Bad Boy Sneer Face"

Jen e-mailed me a new picture of Jackson last night. My first thoughts were, "Boo that's Jackson's cocky-I-know-I'm-hot-teen-idol-bad-boy-sneer face!"... but then I thought of this being 2 inches from my face and well... I'd have a heart attack.

"I knew you'd come around, Elusive S, you love all things Rathbone."
nom nom nom.

PS The picture grew on me :)

Elusive S

, I agree with you. He looks like a cocky lil' shit in the pic & it kinda turns me on. Alot.

Before I bid you adieu, here's a fan vid of Ashley Greene from a Road Dogs softball game on 8/19 (apparently the Jonas Bros have their own charity softball team?!) Ash was there to support her rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas (gag). Anyhoo, she does a quick little dance to "Party in the USA," and I think it's super cute.

The first 8 seconds are a bit loud and shaky, then it mellows out.

Can't wait to see what they have in store of "Alive & Jasper" in BD. Love those two.

XOXO J & Elusive S


  1. So is that Elusive S's name in the tattoo heart on Jackson's arm??

  2. Holyfuckinghell... that video.

    @Dangrdafne-yes it most definitely is... I thought it was a bit creepy seeing as we haven't even been on a proper date... but it's still hot nonetheless ;)


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