Friday, August 20, 2010

I Wanna Sit On Rob's Face.

A girl actually made this chair. I'm thinking she could make some serious dough if she were to try and sell these. To read more about her and the making of the chair, go here.

Pretty sweet.

Would you buy one?

PS Happy Friday to all my ladies out there. It's my Monday and I work 6 days in a row, all night shifts. We're short staffed again. Blah. I'll live vicariously through all of you this weekend.



  1. Ha ha. I lol when I read your post title. I was all, but tell us how you really feel.

    This is awesome. I would totes buy it. Wonder if she can she make it in an armchair? hmmn. It could be my computer chair.

  2. When I read the title I thought to myself "Why yes I would too like to sit on Robs face". Surely my mind went to the one place it was meant to go to... the gutter lol. That chair is pretty sweet. I think I need to mass market Cullen Boys bed sheets or something. Imagine sitting on or covering up with or snuggling Rob, Kellan, Jackson and PFach. *Swoon*!

  3. THat chair is so low I'd never be able to get up again.

  4. @mmMox- It looks like a gamers chair to know like I can picture a kid sitting in it playing Xbox.

  5. wow..totally not what I was thinking, but still enticing ~ I'd totally get a Robchair.I think I'd prefer a beanbag tho...maybe made out of the same material as the imfamous green pants....damn...I'm gonna go sit on a shamwow and look at some Robporn now.


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