Saturday, August 7, 2010

100 Monkeys & Brunch With...?

As some of you know ES & I went up to LA [again] to see 100 Monkeys at the Viper Room. This was our 6th show & as always, it was an absolute blast. I will admit that I think I'm done asking Jackson for a pic. He waited until the bar thinned out a bit before he emerged from hanging out with everyone else backstage. Even then, he was swamped by a group of gals. I'm definitely not going to stop going to their shows, because they rock, but I'm satisfied with the pics I have.
Note to ES: I am not speaking on behalf of you :)

Warning: The air-conditioning was broken upstairs at the Viper Room, therefor it was an absolute sauna...Oh and yes, ES & I had had a few vodka-ish drinks too... Hence the sweaty & kind of fugly/frizzy pics of us.

Me, Mr. MOS & ES

Us with Ben G.

ES w/ Uncle Larry, aka "Munkle."

After the kick a** show we headed back to our hotel and crashed for the night. On Sat we decided to go grab some brunch and maybe either lay out by the pool or go to the beach. We drove down Sunset Blvd. looking at all the restaurants...just as we approached the Chateau Marmont, I see a car that looks VERY similar to the one we've seen The Precious driving around in...Turns out it wasn't the right make, but it practically gave me a heart attack. I had heard he was at the SOHO House on Thursday night which is located on Sunset as well...swoon. Maybe I was breathing his left over air?

After driving around for about 15 minutes I asked ES if she wanted to head over to's a shopping street/district famous for celeb spotting, but less conspicuous than Sunset. We parked the car and walked over to check out the The Newsroom Cafe...which is nicely situated across the street from The Ivy.

We walked in & decided the menu looked delicious, healthy and affordable...score. I requested a table outside so we could people watch and the hostess gladly obliged. Just as we were sat, I look to my left and gasp...internally of course. It's DAVID F*CKING SLADE!!! I look at ES & mouth to her what I have just seen & she agrees that it's him. We both just stare at each other as if we've seen a ghost...Eventually I work up the nerve to say hello. I couldn't just sit there and NOT say anything. I jokingly said that I could literally kiss his feet. He jokes back "Please don't," but then laughs. I tell him that I love "the movie" [don't think I even said Eclipse out loud] and that we have seen it 4 times. He seemed genuinely humbled and a bit caught off guard that we recognized him. When I first said "Excuse me, you're David Slade....," he responded dryly "Yes... No." Ha ha ha, maybe he thought I was a Twi-hater or thought Eclipse was shit. Maybe he's had that happen before?

Seriously!? Out of all the people in the world to be seated next to at brunch, it's the man who brought us the lovely leg hitch! I mean, what are the odds?!? I wasn't even at a Twi-event...We could have been seated next to Julia Roberts and I would have been blown away, but it wouldn't have had the same meaning that David Slade did. Fate? Anyhoo, I didn't want to ask for a pic while he was eating so I slyly turned my new crackberry into a spy machine...flash off of course!

David f*cking Slade.

P.S. He's shorter in person and not as big as I thought he would be. He's wittle ;)


As we left Robertson, ES & I took wrong turn into the Bristol Farms Grocery store parking lot...kind of [I did accidentally make a right hand turn half a block too soon.] I explained to her that it's similar to a Whole Foods and also another celeb spot. Sooo.....we decided we needed some water for the beach...As we were walking in we see this lady staring at us. Long story short she smiles and says to ES, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I designed your shirt." YUP. ES was wearing a shirt I just bought from Target. This lady seemed super excited to see this particular shirt and was super sweet. Her name was Sarah Williams. Click on the word shirt above to see which one I'm talking about.

As we walk into Bristol Farms we see Kate Walsh. I knew I knew her from somewhere, and it wasn't until ES gasped "Oh. My. Gawd. That's. Kate. Walsh." that it dawned on me. Apparently she played Addison Montgomery-Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy. ES is a HUGE Grey's she was super excited. Kate was in the check out line as we came in...ES almost approached her then chickened out. A total ME move. Btw, she is just as gorgeous in person.

Needless to say LA was super fun as always. The two of us tend to have celeb spotting luck...or maybe we just know where to look? On another note, we didn't end up hitting the beach in Santa Monica because the traffic/parking was a literal nightmare. It took us 4 hours to get home...should have taken 2 on a Sat afternoon. Gaah!

Thanks for reading :) MORE PICS of Jackson and the rest of those lovely 100 Monkeys to come soon! OR if you just can't wait...someone over at Twifans posted these ridiculously HAWT pics of Jackson. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)



  1. Jen - I am so jealous! That's a fuckhawt shot of Jackson, and you two totally don't look all sweaty and manky! Keep asking for pics I say, you can never have enough.

    And nice work on the spy-berry with the DS shot. Squee!

  2. Woah!!! Well, things happen in threes. You got a photo with Jackson, you brunched with Slade, and then you met the t-shirt lady! What an amazing couple of days...and you needed it after the horrid one you had in the mall post.

  3. I am so jealous and need to move out to Cali stat lol. I HAD to get on FB and tell all my friends that you ate lunch by David Freaking Slade.. those bastards can't appreciate a good fangirl squee moment (because I'm now living vicariously through you)!!

    I think you should tell Jackson your fuckawesome nickname for him and see if they will write a song about it :) That would be ridiculously awesome.

    PS: Those are some mad spy skillz you got and recycled Rob air is the some of the best air EVER

  4. Wow what a great pic with Jackson and his MOS! No way,you girls look lovely in that photo,not hot and frizzy. And brunch with David F*ing Slade too. Hope you said thank you for all the closeups of the pretty!

    I so wish 100 Monkeys would extend their tours to other's okay if they're short of cash when they get to Oz they can stay at my place!

  5. OMG! Squee! and holy Cr*p!

    JR-love his MOS framed in a crooked smile!

    Yes Fate with seeing David Slade and recognizing him! And Kate Walsh! She has quite a list of men she's been able to kiss between GA and PP.

  6. Ladies- I'm still in shock over the shear randomness of David Slade at brunch. Crazy.
    Thanks for all the nice comments. *muah!*

  7. Congratulations on your picture with Jackson - it is amazing - he looks awesome. Congratulations on sitting next to David Slade, I agree that you couldn't have done better for someone to sit next to unless it was a member of the cast. But I have to say the one that struck me the most was the shirt designer stopping you ladies in the store. How funny that YOU became the celebrity LOL Awesome weekend for you ladies. Thanks for the pictures.

  8. @DD- Thanks! The shirt designer thing was really funny and cool. It's just a $12 shirt from Target. I even own a couple of others. They're comfy and have whimsical designs. :)

  9. Jen, you and your sis are SO lucky! I am jealous and am living vicariously through you pretty ladies :)
    Oh, and thanks for the warning on the link to the Twifans page...I still had to go change my panties before I could come back here to comment! Bea-f*cking-utiful!

  10. W-O-W!!!!! That definitely has got to go down in the record books as one of the best Saturdays ever!!!!! You chicks are so lucky. That stuff happens so rarely here in boring old Chicago! I'm with Kassie....we need to move to Cali!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing day and pics. Jackson is so freaking cute! I loved reading about your amazing day and living vicariously through you! :)

  11. Jen and Sarah, your pictures with Jackson & Ben are AWESOME and I'm sure David Slade really appreciated your sweet comments. It was fun seeing you guys at the concert! XOXO

  12. although i commented when you posted the trio photo on twitter.. it was much more fun to read the whole account here. i have to say i'm blown away by your chance meeting with david slade- that's just awesome :-)

  13. Sue- Thanks...and it was a blast seeing you again as well.

    Jayla- Thx. I am still just blown away at the odds of that happening.

  14. I loved reading your tweets over the weekend!! I think it is definitely fate that you were seated right next to David Slade! I mean, come on...DAVID SLADE! I about spit my coffee out of my nose when I read that on Twitter. I think the pics are great! You guys look HOTT, not hot, but HOTT! Great pic of Jackson! I've gotta go to LA...I want to spot some celebrities!

  15. T&T- Thank you. AND YES you should come to So Cal and we'll drive up to LA and celeb a tame unassuming sorta way ;) PS Love the comment about almost spitting coffee out your nose. I'm glad he was already seated before we were, otherwise had he walked in I might have spit my Mimosa all over the place! LMAO!

  16. @ Trixie and Tess OMG I effing love that bit about spitting coffee out your nose :)

    @Jayla, dangerdafne, Trixieandtess and KassieCullen: I think we about had a heart attack and the irony of it all... I mean no it wasn't heart beatingly dreamy awesome (not like it was Jackson or Rob... or Mc Dreamy or Jude Law)... but how weird that WE should HAPPEN to get sat next to him... without any knowledge or even trying to get next to him after seeing him!

    @ Tonguetwied-How awesome is Kate Walsh? Mc Dreamy, McSteamy and all the hottie PP men whose names I don't know without double checking :)

    @ Sue-thx! Great to see you and thanks for sharing your pics with us!



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