Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And Just When I Think I'm Safe...

WARNING: Twired (once again) is NOT responsible for tachycardia, or excessive panty flooding.

Just when I begin to think my RPattz obsession is at a healthy level, petitbiel shoves this lovely masterpiece in our faces. Gawd bless that woman. I know, I know, I'm late in posting this and most of you have already seen it. If you haven't...I'm sorry. Quick, get to it! petitbiel is a genius. And thanks to her genius, my panties have combusted on numerous occasions. Gawd help us all.

I was a bit bloggy OCD today, so if you missed my last post featuring hottie Kellan, and a bit o' Rob? Go here.

Good night ladies.



  1. What is wrong with me? I hadn't seen this before now...and another question...what is wrong with this video that keeps it from continuing to pan down south on that first bare-chested pic of Rob...I want to see what's down there. Gorgeous vid! Thanks for sharing...made my day.


  2. Gah! Biel is a vid genius. I hadn't seen this one before, thanks for sharing Jen! Twitter is all aflutter with talks of a teaser for MOTU!!! Where..what..huh! Is it more EPOV do you know? Need my fifty fix!

  3. YES go to fiftyshades.com It's a paragraph teaster from Bella's POV..honeymoon!!! More to come apparently.

  4. Lol I was tweeting you when you were commenting me! Thanks for the link. I saw the teaser chatter but missed the tweet from Icy! Off to read now...I am so going to have to work back today...


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