Monday, August 9, 2010

Edward, Stop Making Out With Your Sister!

So I saw a tweet last night from @TwilightLexicon about someone that was going to name their twins Edward & Bella. I'm not joking. My immediate reaction was "oh, how cute." But my thoughts quickly turned to "Ewww, how gross." Isn't that slightly incestuous? Seriously, it's like naming your twins Romeo & Juliet. Tell me that isn't a little creepy? I could maaaaybe understand if someone named their kids Rosalie and Jasper seeing as they're supposed to appear to be twins...Speaking of, guess what I found...

This is real. To read more about the Hale family that decided to name their twins Rosalie & Jasper, go here!

That said, I started thinking about my future children. This past year I have often wondered how I could incorporate Twilight into my future children's names. Truthfully I don't like the name Edward, plus my Dad's name is Ed (short for Earl Edward...yup...), that's a little weird. And Bella, well that is too obvious for my s/o. Even Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie wouldn't go over well with him...I then thought about Kristen, but that's too common. All of a sudden it dawned on me. Gawd I can be such a freakin' blonde sometimes. DUH! My whole life I have always wanted to name my future boy (if I ever have one) after my Papa, whether it be to use it as a first or middle name. Guess what my Papa's name was? ROBERT. :) Hellllooooo, earth to Jen, that IS incorporating Twilight (cough...Robert Pattinson...cough) without even trying.

"Oh Jen...what an honor....what can I do to thank you?"
(side note: don't tell Rob that was my Papa's name too.)

Would you ever incorporate Twilight into your son or daughter's names? Have you?

P.S. TCA's air tonight with THE PRECIOUS 8pm EST/PST! Can't wait to see those beautiful blue eyes and that sexy swagger.



  1. I named my dog Bella about a month before I knew anything about Twilight and now everyone asks if I named her after the books. I think other kids would find a way to make being named after Twilight a negative thing...and I just couldn't do that to my child!

  2. I would totally do it but I have a feeling when I have kids Twilight will be so ancient no one would know lol.

    I have always loved the name Emmett.. I'm a huge Back to the Future fan so I like the names Marty and Emmett as in Dr. Emmett Brown (I just wouldnt want my son to look like Christopher Lloyd). A few years ago my friend was having a son so I told her I really like the name Kellan along with a whole list and this was waaaay before Twilight was on my radar. So Kellan is another name I'm going to keep in my baby name bank.

    As for girl names Twilight didnt inspire me with too many girl vamp names I like Esme, Leah, Emily and Carlie. There is no way in hell I'd ever name my daughter Renesmee and I really hope that name doesn't catch on :)

  3. @jen: i went to camp with twins - romeo and juliette... the pastor of a church i attended was named cain- and his brother, able... why people do this to their children is beyond me

    @kassie my first friend in preschool was named emmett.. i've always liked the name too.

    as for twilight names... i'd defintely name a pet jasper :-)

  4. When I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 14, one of the boy names I came up with was Jasper.
    No one liked it :(

  5. Rhea Bella Grace - Rhea Grace for years but Bella was added after I read Twilight - but I am not having children so it is a lost name.

  6. DD- That's really pretty. You could get another kitty and name her that :)

  7. I would possibly incorporate a Twi name into a babies name, but my husband wouldn't allow it. He's already told me to not even think about it. LOL. I have a black lab and her name is Belle...not Bella, but she's been around for 9 years, way before my Twi-obsession.

    Bella and Edward for twins is just wrong on so many levels.



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