Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dude, Seriously?

It's no fun to just post a bunch of pics...

*Tons more pics of Robsten leaving Montreal (& arriving in LA??? KStew changed clothes.)

UPDATE: Yes, they did arrive in LA. Here are more pics!



  1. The thought bubbles are cracking me up! The guy in the blue shirt looks clueless. I think the guy with the white v-neck and shades is definitely checking out Rob.

  2. Wow, that was A LOT of pictures!! I can't even imagine what it's like for them living in a media circus like that. Still, I'm a total whore for the pictures. I'm sorta ashamed, but not enough to stop looking at the pictures or wishing I had known Rob's arrival time in LA.

  3. @Sue- You totally would do something like that wouldn't you...drive up to LAX and stand out front waiting for the PRECIOUS ;)

    Let's do it next time! LMAO!

    xo J

  4. @Jen ~~~>"...for reals" .. LMBO

  5. This was my favorite photo of the group. Funny captions. The way they were hounded yesterday at LAX was sad, but we did get quite a few classic moments. The reactions of everyday people around them from yesterday was seriously priceless. Usually I hate pap videos, but that one from Montreal Airport had some serious laugh out loud moments with babystroller dad being the best. Anyway, I hope that Rob and Kristen can just relax for a few days. And I am so happy they are no longer hiding what has been so obvious for years anymore.


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