Monday, August 30, 2010

I Want To Jump On His RathBONE.

Here's a new outtake vid of the Triox photo shoot with Mr. MOS.

It's shorter than the other one I previously posted...but hawt damn does he look sexy as hell.

Good Gawd.

And here's a pic from that Triox magazine photo shoot...supposedly.

"Hey there darlin'."
I can't help but always notice how BIG his boots are ;)

And because there is no such thing as too much Jackson, check out this video of him singing our (ES & myself) favorite song, JUNKIE. The video is from their Spencer Bell Legacy concert in Detroit on 8/28.

He's sex on stage.

You've been warned.




  1. We need to make another Monkey run, NOW!

  2. Well good morning, MOS!!! Jen, that video is so much better than the UStream I was watching. Is that a fan video as opposed to the live stream?

    Thanks for the heads up. One of these days SoCal of these days...I am going with you!


  3. thank you!
    *i'm clapping like a well trained seal!!!*

  4. Jayla- LMAO!!!

    Lisa-Yup it's a fan vid from that concert. Gawd he's sexy as hell!

    Zina-Yes, pronto!

    xo J

  5. @Z Any Mouse - YES!!! (and soon!)

    @Jen - I can't wait to look at these videos tonight when there is nobody looking over my shoulder! And yes, he does have big feet :)

  6. @17foreverlisa - I'm holding you to that :) I promise that TwiredJen, ZAnyMouse, F-Kat, Elusive S and I will show you a good time!!

  7. Good gawd! Those damn dimples will surely be the death of me! *sigh*

    Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the size of those boots! *double sigh*

  8. Oh goddd... is it any surprise that I was grinning stupidly at the screen for the entirety of that?


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