Friday, August 27, 2010

SD Zoo at Twilight.

Twilight: the time of day immediately following sunset. Oh, and a "little" franchise that we're all a bit obsessed with.

*Google "Twilight." You will find pages of info about the books & movie...not the real definition...gotta love that.

During the Summer months here in San Diego, we have what's simply called "Nighttime Zoo." Basically the Zoo just stays open till 9pm, rather than closing at 5pm. I had never been to the Zoo at night, so my close friend JB suggested we go. She has a gold membership, which allows her & a guest for free. Pretty sweet.

Now I'm sure most of you can relate when I say that Twilight tends to jump out at me wherever I go. However I will admit that it was JB who enthusiastically pointed out that we were in fact there at "twilight." Sometimes I tend to overlook obvious ;)

I thought I'd share a few of my Twilight-Zoo related pics:

Let's pretend she's young...then we can call her a LAMB.
The petting zoo had just closed :(

Lion! Too bad my crackberry zoom made it blurry. He was gorgeous.

Rosie? (WFE)
Where's Robowski?

Oh there he is. Mmm, nothing like a working man.

Well endowed Spider Monkey?

Elusive White Bear? (for you Osa Bella ff readers)
Ok, ok it's a polar bear...but let's just pretend.

And simply because I'd had a Stella & then a Corona.....

Ok that's not the the reason. I saw this statue before seeing the real thing. I ran over to it squeeling to JB "OMG, a Lion & Lamb! I just have to get a picture!"

No, no one else was around. Just sayin'.

Yes JJ, I'm wearing a sun dress. Shocker.
My legs will be mistaken for a Vamp in Forks. Just sayin'.

Hope you enjoyed my Twilight Zoo adventure. I'm back to work on Sat morning :( Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!!



  1. Robowski....... bahahahaha. Don't worry Rosie, Robowski is on his way, he was in the middle of effing Kristen in the horse car with Kinko lurking in the background with his.... oh god, i can't repeat that part of the book.

  2. Ha ha ha....that party was grody. ;)


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