Thursday, August 5, 2010

Traumatizing Mall Sh*t & Rob's Barefeet.

So I didn't really feel like posting tonight because I sort of had a traumatizing afternoon at the mall [and no, I don't mean I couldn't find a new top...but that is pretty traumatizing.] Anyhoo, I was getting into my car all happy dappy that it took me all of 25 minutes to run into the mall and find a cute top for the Viper Room tomorrow night. As I checked my rear view mirror prior to backing out, I see 2 young (early 20's?) black guys pulling on the door handle of this car that's stopped behind me. At first I think they're playing, but then once inside, the one guy jumps into the backseat and pulls the female driver into a choke hold..that's when I start panicking. A struggle ensues and it no longer looks like playing. Practically shitting my pants I call 911 on my cell....which luckily was already in my hand. Immediately I start crying because I notice one of the guys jumps out of the car and stands in the parking garage looking around and glances towards my car. I freak out because I still have my foot on the break peddle and I'm afraid he knows I have seen him. All sorts of freaky scenarios start running through my head. I duck down and continue to tell the 911 operator what's going on, but I'm so shaky that I can barely finish my sentences. I keep apologizing to the poor girl and bless her she's trained to keep me calm. Next thing I know, one of the other guys has jumped out of the car and into another car about 10 spaces down. He throws it into reverse & another guy [can't remember how many there were...2 or 3?] jumps in and they fly forward smacking a parked car...then speed off. Behind, I watch as the other car slowly follows. Of course I'm still trying to answer all of the operators questions but am failing to recollect any descriptions at that point. Long story even longer, she wants me to wait for the cops to show up....Once I feel things are safe and a few people are around, I get out of my car and realize the guy hit a parked Porsche...luckily there is only some paint chipped off of the bumper. Finally a [super ridiculously hot] cop shows up and basically tells me there's nothing he can do but just leave a note for the Porsche owner. He has the decency to finally ask if I'm ok and I say yes that I'm just shook up. Then I can't help but think he looks a lot like the dude from Vampire Diaries, but way hotter...what's his name..

Oh yes, Paul Wesley...but hotter.
Oh, and how dare this guy try and do the RPATTZ GQ look.

The hot but rather insensitive cop mentions that in situations like that, it's mostly a domestic dispute or drug deal gone bad, and that both parties if caught would end up denying everything. I'm not an idiot, and know there is nothing they could have done...esp since I couldn't get the license plate #, however I was super traumatized by the whole situation. That is all.

Oh I almost forgot... Rob's glorious bare (?) feet leaving the TN airport.

He is barefoot isn't he? No socks?

Align CenterHere he is putting his shoes back on...right? Still looks like he's sans socks.
To each his own...

Thanks for listening...and inspecting Rob's supposed bare feet ;)

P.S. Tomorrow is 100Monkeys!!!



  1. Holy shit! Wow, Jen. That is a really traumatizing situation, and I'm soooo glad you didn't get hurt. I think you reacted really well, and despite the fact that nothing really too bad happened, it's good that you had the Police on the other line of your cell, just in case.

    Cops are a-holes in general, if you ask me, LoL.

    Oh, and I totally thought that was Rob with some kind of a new haircut when I saw the photo on my blog roll. WTF? It's ridiculous that he's mimicking Rob's GQ look.

    How are you feeling now, Jen? Less traumatized, I hope.

  2. So glad you're ok. That is big time scary!

    Rob...put some socks on. You're gonna get a fungus.

  3. holy shit, that is scary!! Glad to hear that you are okay!

    Shoes w/out socks is icky. But I can forgive him just about anything... Plus I probably did it when I was young too - I just can't remember back that far :)

  4. Jen, Holy Sh*T!!!!!! So glad you are okay! Really sorry to hear you went through this.

    I gotta say, I love how that shirt fits Rob. ;)

    Be safe!!!

  5. OMG That is so scary! You totally did the right thing. Wow, you just never know when some bad shit is going to go down and you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. So glad you okay!

  6. WTF?!?! So sorry you had to experience that. Good for you calling the cops. I'm also thankful your ok! That could have been a hairy situation. Scary!!! BTW Paul Wesley - Hawt! Not Rob-hawt but a close 2nd or 3rd for me lol. It's really the whole vampy thing ;)

    Again glad your ok!


  7. AAHHH!!! That totally would have freaked me out! Good for calling 911 and doing what you could! I know if I were in the victim's shoes, I would want a stranger to help me too!

    And how i wish that picture wasn't blurry! For some reason i really want to know what Rob's feet look like ;P

  8. Damn it! Why oh why can't that picture of Rob's bare feet be in HQ? *shivers*

    Oh, wait. What happened to you is horrible, Jen.

    Now about that other pic. How yummy are Rob's biceps? And I think I've seen that t-shirt on him several times before and may have even posted about it. And he's bent over...

    No wonder we get along so well, Jen. You have something terrifying happen to you but can't get over how hot the police officer is. You didn't get a license plate number or wouldn't be able to pick any of the assailants in a police lineup, but you were able to note that the police officer looked like the guy from Vampire Diaries. LMAO!!

    You know I love you! My heart was actually racing thinking about you being in that situation. I'm glad you're safe.

    I'm sure MOS will like your cute top, though ;)



  9. @Lisa- I love you. That is all.

  10. OMR! I would have been freaking out! Thankfully you are safe, and you got police there and did something. WOW! I would love to know if they catch the guys... I would say though, that Paul Wesley there reminds me of a way younger Ray Liotta.

    As for Rob's bare feet, I don't know... the no socks thing doesn't bother me as much as how many germs he walked through on that floor. (Here's the part where I would offer him some Purell. LOL)

    You rock, Jen!

  11. So glad you are okay, Jen. And even though you didn't get a plate, you still did something by calling 911 and tried to help. That makes you a great person!

    Oh, and why do I think of Fifty when I see Rob with barefeet (even blurry!)?! Snowqueen was always mentioning Fifty and his barefeet...or is that just something weird that I picked up in my, uhhmmm, many readings!

    Be safe and Laters, Baby!

  12. OMG that is sooo scary. You did the right thing even though the cop was an asshat.

    No socks with gym shoes... I dont really see a problem with that other then the fact he knew he was going to go through airport security... not smart dude. No belt+flip flops-jewelry=smooth sailing through security.

    Glad you are okay Jen!!

  13. @lostrosebrown - Here is part of the email I sent to Jen after reading her post:

    "I'm also not lying when I say I hope to God an HQ pic of Rob in bare feet surfaces. Does all sorts of things to me and makes me think of Fifty ;)"

    I know exactly what you're saying!

  14. Oh crap Jen. That sounds really really bad. Remind me to not visit SD again!
    I am still shaking a bit about the choke hold thing - was it someone they knew or some random car that got carjacked?
    I'm glad that you had the mind to call 911 and didn't just freeze. And you got to meet the hot cop - if there is anything good from this it could be him. Better than some fat old guy right?
    I feel awkward seeing him walking through security but can't help looking either. Oh our crazy stalker tendencies. Thanks :) Hoping you are feeling less shaken up now.

  15. Oh god jen....horrific....just horrific. And when you realize you might have been seen...I can't imagine the panic. I'm so glad you were OK.

    Never take a day for granted...


  16. Oh my god, I'm glad you are okay!!!! That is really traumatizing, and a reminder why you should always be aware of your surroundings. Good for you for even thinking straight enough to dial 911!! But really I'm happy to hear you're safe.

    I thought this story was going to end with the Paul Wesley-ish cop asking you out on a date.

  17. WTF THAT'S SO INSANE AND SCARY!!!!! And Paul Wesley is ridiculously hot. :)

  18. Sockless guys are sexy! I LOVE that Rob goes sockless, Soo cute <2


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