Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I'm A Dork.

Thought it was due time for a video...can't promise it's entertaining...but hey, I say "um," "uh" & "like" a TON!

I was going to ask the girls if I could post this pic, however they haven't minded here it is ;)

Linda, Sue, Zina, me & ES....early in the eve...obvi.
Viper Room, West Hollywood (for 100 Monkeys of course!)


  1. "and he was wearing a white shirt and it was see-through" YOU KILL ME.

    And I can't believe you met David fucking Slade!!! WTF? That's awesome! Does he really look like an evil hobbit in real life?

    Awww, I'm so stoked you're doing the vacay solo thing. I kind of like traveling solo. I tend to do it a little bit more than most since ML uses all his vacation to tour with the band.

    FOOOOOOORKS - see you there, bitches. And I'm off to make sure they haven't cancelled my shit or anything.

  2. @JJ- YES he looked like an evil hobbit. Srsly he was smaller than I thought. VERY SHORT w/ a pot a piglet. But an evil piglet ;)

    Yes, checking on the hotel room might be a good idea. I'm imagining they must be sold out. Hopefully they don't oversell like some hotels *cough* mine *cough*...

  3. Love your video!!! I myself have to fly alone, which is kinda sad because I would have liked to talk to CC the whole time but I think I will find a way to relax. The David Slade thing is just insane. You never know who you're going to run into, you know?

    See you in FOOORKS!

  4. Love the video, Jen!! I am flying by myself, too, for the first time ever. I've never done anything like this for myself, so I'm thrilled to be doing it with you and the rest of the Twitarded gane. It is going to be epic :)

    I'm still smiling thinking about you meeting David Slade. When Sarah called and then you got on the phone, I could barely get a word in because you two were so excited. That was funny in and of itself. LOL! But really, Jen, you had to compare the odds to ocean life? Shame on you!

    And I love that picture of you girls from the concert. One of these days, I am going to be in a picture with you at their concert. Promise.



  5. You're so fucking cute!! And LOVE the pic of you and the gang! I can't WAIT to meet you all in person in FOOORKS!!!

    : )

    p.s. can't BELIEVE you were chillin' with David Slade - ha! too funny!!! awesome that you spoke to him, too - well done. & Classy.

    p.p.s. solo road trip FTMFW! bring your soundtracks! and your flipcam...

  6. @Mrs.P- I feel for you on your flight cause it will be a bit longer than mine...Can't wait to hang with you in Forks!

    @Lisa- Sorry about the sh*rk references..lmao I didn't think of you right after I'd uttered it ;)
    P.S. One day you will be in the pic, I just know it.

    @STY- So excited as well! And what's FTMFW? Gawd I get so behind on these acronyms ;) Oh wait, let me guess..."For The Mother Fucking Win?!?!" Did I get it right???

  7. Jen - I feel like I've 'met' you now! Awesome!

    I feel like I harp on about this all the time, but I am so MF jealous of Foooorrrkkkssss! Good on you going alone, I travel alone ALOT, mostly for work but have also travelled internationally alone when I was backpacking and it is such an ego-boost. So cool to have your own agenda and not have to answer to anyone. You'll love it! Just tell me you're not taking a mini-cactus...

    I really really really want you guys to take vids/pics etc in Forks so those of us who can't come can 'meet' you too. Sigh.

    Anyhoo, have a lovely weekend everyone x

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  9. Really cute video Jen. I love driving by myself. This summer I drove to Phoenix and back by myself, and it was the best trip ever. I could stop and use the bathroom without having to coordinate it with 4 other people, and I listened to ALL the T-Saga soundtracks without having to hear "Awww, Mom. Not again!" It was great.

    I wish I was going to Fooooooorrrrkks!

  10. LOVE the vid, Jen! You're adorable. Trix and I have thought about doing a vlog, but we're anonymously posting, so that would be a little hard...we would have to dress in costume or we live hundred of miles a part. So, yeah. Not happening. LOL.

    I'm way jealous of the trip to Forks! I want to go SOOOOOOOOOO freakin' bad. I hope you all have the best time! I don't think you're a dork at all...I think of the same things. A trip where you're flyin' solo is so empowering. It's like all grown-up. I took one last year to Colorado and then I flew out by myself to Atlanta for Twi Con and met up with people. They were the best trips EVER!

    Cute pic!!


  11. I know I commented on this post yesterday and now it isn't there.... Jen, your video is absolutelly adorable :) I've enjoyed getting to know you and Sarah and can't wait for our next Monkeys concert (soon I hope!). FOOORRRRKKKSSS is going to be EPIC!!! And you can use my fugly pic anytime you want cause it makes me feel famous, ha ha.


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