Friday, August 13, 2010

They Believe.

This morning I was all kinds of giddy. First things first, I woke up to an email from Lisa informing me that Rob had been spotted in Montreal. Then when I got to work, I looked at my blog roll and saw that some other blogs had just posted pics of Rob on set with Kristen..."nuzzling her." Let me tell you, I about jumped out of my skin with anticipation.

After ooooohing and ahhhhhhing (internally of course) at the pics, I had to tell someone in RL...I turned to my new co-worker and squeeeeed. I HAD to let it out or I was going to bust at the seams with sugary coated sappiness. Her response to my declaration of said Robsten pics was something to the effect of, "Why is that a big deal, they're a couple right?" EXACTLY! Then when I got home from work I just had to tell my s/o. He truly doesn't give a flying f*ck, but I had to say it.....OUT LOUD. His response, "So...they're a couple, why is that weird?"

SEE PEOPLE?!? Even non-Twitards act as though Rob & Kristen's relationship is OBVIOUS. I don't get it, if they can believe, why can't all of the Nonstens. I'm confused. But then again, it doesn't take much to confuse me. Forewarning for FORRRRKKKSSSS :)

So, I went back and forth with myself over whether or not I should post the actual pics. I mean they were obviously shot by a pesky pap. However, I decided to make them look a little more artistic (black & white is artistic right?) That way I feel as though I am celebrating their love and not being invasive. Yah, yah, yah....shut up. Let me bask in my Robsten glory.


*More pics & a couple new Robsten fan vids HERE.



  1. The black and white totally sold me. I wish you had posted the "nuzzling" did mention it.
    I gonna go french braid my hair now.

  2. Love the b&w pics. Sigh. How can anyone not see how in love they are!

  3. Let's and white images...Mrs. P is sold...may be the best post EVER!!!!!!!! #robsten



  4. Lisa- WAIT A TWI-MINUTE!!!! Did you just say what I think you said...M is sold?!?! I had a feeling...but thought she was just toying with my delicate Robsten emotions...srsly?
    xoxo J

  5. Nice touch with the B&W!

    I sit on the fence with the whole invasion/leave them alone business versus the 'OMG I totally NEED to see the pics' feelings... and you're right, they do look 'classier' in B&W x

  6. I think I love these even more in B&W. *squeeeeee* Happy Rob means Happy Tess. Throw the fact that Rob and KStew are TOGETHER in Montreal and I'm over the moon.



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