Monday, August 23, 2010

Funny Faces.

He he...thought this was funny.

via Twifans.

In other KStew she is at an airport in Argentina posing with a fan, & apparent airport employee....err Hispanic Edward Cullen/Pugsley Adams?

Truthfully I'm surprised he asked for a pic. As a hotel employee, it's looked down upon to ask for a pic with a celeb. Even when the Eagles football team stayed with us last year, we had warnings sent out that we were not to ask for pics or autographs. Oh well, good for him. I'd be stoked to have my pic taken with Kirsten.

Word on the street (via airport employee tweets) KStew is supposed to be in Argentina filming for OTR until 8/28. Wonder if Rob is going home to London? Hmmm.... I miss you Rob.

That is all.




  1. She's wearing a Specials t-shirt in that pic w/ the fan. I wonder if she actually listens to these 80's bands who's shirts she so proudly wears cuz they're good bands.

  2. @Mox prolly not, I saw the specials a while ago in Wolverhampton lol

  3. The Specials are still alive? I assumed they all ODed by now.


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