Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hate To See You Go...

....but love to watch you leave.

FIFTY anyone???
Way back in July 09

Oh Rob...those jeans combined with that black long sleeved shirt have me in pieces...Not to mention your rear looks just delightful.....geeez....I think I'm in love. Again.

P.S. I miss your old hair. WFE hair is great & all, but I miss the medium-length.

A bit too long.

A bit too short.

Oops how did this get in here?!

Just right.

What do you think? Do you miss Robs longer "sex-hair," or do you long for the infamous buzz cut? Maybe the WFE hair-style makes your panties wet...? His WFE hair is cute, but a bit too military for me. Just sayin'.

P.S.S Quite a bit of drama is circulating due to Robsten's love-nest being revealed by the paps/fans etc...You all know I give a HUGE Crapsten (huge!), however, this Blondie can only handle so much Robsten related info at one time.

I leave you with the words of Ted Casablanca...

"Robsten worshipers, celebrate! Non-believers, SUCK IT!"



  1. LOVED IT!! I just have to say I am a personal fan of Robwoski hair! Its just now starting to grow out and I hope Summit lets him keep the shorter do for Breaking Dawn.

  2. There's just something I love about his longer hair... I think it's something to do with getting my hands in there! I like the WFE hair too (at least it's not too short), but will be happy when it grow out a bit. But that's all irrelevant - Rob is fuckhawt no matter what his hair looks like.

    LOL, Suck it? Admittedly there are all kinds of things I'd be interested in sucking, but I don't think "it" is one of them :)

  3. I'm personally attached to the medium length hair. It just looks juuuuuuust right lol. I'm not a Robsten non-believer I just don't care either way but wtf they can't find somewhere to stay without it being leaked. I don't think I would like being stalked to that degree.

    Ted Casablanca is funny... "Suck it!" That is a catch phrase I use ALL the time.

  4. bahahaha 'How did this get in here?' Love it... 5 stars.

  5. Rob looks so hot from behind in that pic. I literally want to jump oh his back. Good lord.

  6. Ordinarily I would say short, LOVE the short, hubby is in the Air Force. But I miss it too! Medium is my ideal Robward length. :)


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