Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Shall I Take To Forks? Installment #2.

If you missed installment #1 from way back in March, view it here. (that was before I was officially booked to go)

As you know, I'm totally giddy over going to Forks, and being that I'm a super-planner (OCD freak,) I have already gone over what I'm bringing...I have even made a list...yup, I'm a dork. So here's what I have added:

1. My *new* kick as flat iron & some anti frizz hair serum.

I didn't see blue when I purchased mine :(

So my hair is straight-ish. But if any bit of dampness lurks around, it likes to curl under.
I HATE when it curls under.
*And gawd only knows if the news might get wind of our debauchery.

2. Extra undies! Just in case I forget that box of adult never know when you're going to PISS YOURSELF LAUGHING.


3. Twilight Soundtrack.

You better believe I"ll be listening to the entire soundtrack on a loop
as I drive from SeaTac to Fooooooorks.

4. Bella's Jacket. Ok maybe not the real thing, but if I'm already going to try and smell like her (see installment #1,) I might as well look like her. Ups my chances with Edward, you know?!

This kinda looks Bella-ish, right?
Old Navy. And yes, I might actually get it.

5. Saline filled IV bags, TC could attach us?! They really would come in handy for rebounding from a hangover!

*nudge, TC, nudge*

6. Last but not least, I'm bringing a mountain lion...I'll let you figure out why.

She's lookin' pretty confident, apparently she hasn't met Edward yet...

Think of anything else I should bring??? Tell me, in the comments!



  1. I think you should bring a tranquilizer gun if you plan on bringing the mountain lion....PMSL!

  2. OMG!! You killed me with the mountain lion!! TOO funny! I wanna go to Forks! Can you believe how many ppl go there now and the way SM describes it from Bella's POV its the most miserable place on earth!!
    Can't wait to see your posts from the trip!

  3. I went to Forks last year and had the time of my life. Stephanie Meyers really researched well before writing the book because everything is described to a tee and the town really embraces Twilight Fans. Bring bug spray, a jacket, and lots of money because when you go in Dazzled By Twilight you will loose your mind and want to buy everything. First Beach is beautiful and you will get an eery feeling when you look at Bella's cliff (that is what they call it too). But the town of La Push was literally deserted when I went. I stayed at the Pacific Inn in an Edward Room that was quite funny. I nearly freaked when I saw Edward's Balcony and Esme Board at the Cullens House which is an actual inn. They don't really welcome vistors but will let you take pics from the outside (boo). Oh one more thing make sure you eat at the diner (I think it was near the hospital) the food was was really good and the people were so nice there. Also the city of Port Angeles is kind of big, not what I expected. Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself. I'm sure you will. Can't wait to read about your adventure.

  4. Don't forget hair dryer, bug spray, rain gear, umbrella, and more money for booze, bail, and the inevitable "I can't believe I forgot my (fill-in-the-blank)" that you'll need to purchase shortly after landing at Sea-Tac. I'm thinking of all the things I don't have to bring... dressy footwear, sunglasses, swimsuit, sunscreen, strapless bra, mouth filter, etc. I can't freakin' wait!!

  5. @Mrs. P- LMAO!

    @cutiestar- Thx for the info! So excited.

    @Micki_Martini- You have no idea how relieved I am that I don't have to worry about sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit etc...BUT since I live in San Diego, I need to stalk up on some rain gear :)Looking fwd to meeting you!

  6. @ mmMoxie - you are welcome to come with any of us. If I could swing by Arizona, I would kidnap you :) PLEASE rethink coming to FFOORRKKSS!!

    Thanks Jen for these posts, I like when others remind me of things for my list :)


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