Monday, August 30, 2010

I Love Tipsy Rob & BD Pre-Production!

Look who was spotted leaving Soho House in W. Hollywood, supposedly on his way to Jimmy Fallon's Emmy awards after party.... The Precious himself, all scruffy & smug ;)

I love his tipsy face.

I spy Tom Stu.

*For a funny gif of Rob giving Tom Stu a Bella-esque piggy back & vids from last night, go HERE.
*For tons more pic of Rob from last night, go HERE.

In other exciting news, Mandy's Mind posted that the pre-production of BD has begun in Louisiana! Although Mandy now resides in Vancouver, she used to live there & has quite a few friends still in the area. One of them was able to get this picture of the construction site, as well as confirm that Bill Condon has been spotted around town. SQUEEEE! I recommend following her as she gave some killer set reports from the Vancouver filming sites of New Moon & Eclipse!

Hmmm, wonder what that stands for? lol.

P.S. Are you going to FOOOOOOOORKS with the Twitards? If so, get you ass on over HERE for Dazzled by Twilight Tour details.



  1. aaaww, I heart smiley drunk Rob!!

  2. Hee hee, the sign made me laugh. I volunteer to be the Twitard on set at all times to correct spelling errors, give costume advice, massage Rob, or whatever is required.

    Also, I love having Rob nearby in LA. It makes me think I'm going to run into him at In 'n Out one of these days :)


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