Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jackson Rathbone's... GIRLFRIEND?!! :(

So I finished up some studying on Friday night and decided to do a little bloggy-catchup and a little Jackson, Rob and PFach stalkarazzi... twired style.

I came across something on a Jackson fan site I wasn't happy about... at all. At first I thought it was a joke... I mean, the source wasn't one of you follower h00rs, so how accurate could it be? But there's just no way this photo could have been manipulated... well I suppose it's POSSIBLE but if it is a manip, it was done so impeccably. Sigh... even if it is real, it could just be a friend or a one-time thing, right? ...

... sigh...

Tell me it's not so!? I guess if nothing else, she looks kind of like me, so it's flattering... and maybe I'd have a chance after all.

...double sigh...

OK ladies, deep breath.

I mean it! Take a couple of deep breaths, prepare yourselves.

MJR + ES= :pq:

Hey! That IS me! The stalkarazzi must have caught us at the V Room a few weeks ago. BAHAHAHA.

Elusive S Rathone, out.


  1. OMFG LMAO!!!!!!! You're good. Really good. I'm still laughing.
    xo J

    Okay- so when I saw the post on twitter I wasn't going to hop over- I needed time to prepare... LOL thank you.

  3. As long as it is you, Elusive S, I can handle it LOL!!!!

  4. bahahahaa! Glad you girls liked it! And @ dangrdafne-glad it's OK if it's me ;)

  5. cropping me out of a jackson photo to just add yourself is unacceptable behavior. I'm appalled...

  6. Hahahaha, Sarah, I laughed out loud. My thoughts were: that picture totally looks photo shopped, wow she does look like Sarah, OMG it IS Sarah!!!! I'm a little slow sometimes. XOXO!!


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