Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kellan Is Hawt. That Is All.

This is one of those random posts I do now and then, where I find a picture and can't think of anything remotely witty to say, other than holy balls he's super hot.

KLutz taking over the DJ booth in Atlantic City.

Kellan is so photogenic and comes off as a male model in most, if not all pictures taken of him. Case & point...

Another pic from Atlantic City.

Never seen a hotter golfer...
*cough, Rob needs to start golfing, cough*

Even hot with his dog Cola.

Don't worry your pretty lil' heads Twitards, I haven't gone Team Emmett, Jelena is in charge of that whole operation...

Kellan, you are one sexy beast & I totally appreciate you for it. However this man will always scream SEX to me.......Even when I'm 95 and resemble a prune :)

What I would give to straddle that wondrous waist of his.

Have a great evening ladies...

PS...I had not 1 but 2 Rob dreams this week!!! If you haven't had one, I highly recommend it :) Good for the mind, body (vag) & soul.



  1. Kellan is super hot!!! I think I lose brain functions when I see pics of him lol.

    I always have very memorable dreams and I agree Rob dreams are good for you. I have been lucky enough to have each of the leading Twilight men star in at least one dream. I guess thats the benifit of surfing Twip0rn before bed :)

  2. Someone please tell Kellan that THAT is the right hair color for him. Stop with the orange blonde hair already.

    Having said that, he doesn't give me butterflies like Rob does.

    "Look away, baby. Jen didn't mean it. I know you've been forgiving of her Jacksonitis and there's only so much you can take. Don't forget. She's a blonde. She'll come back around."



  3. Kellan is one hot dude...that's for sure. At least he isn't missing. WHERE ARE YOU ROB????

  4. Kassie- We are lucky bitches to be having these Rob dreams...

    Lisa- Rob knows who I really want ;)

    Mrs. P- I'm starting to believe your shark theory...yikes ;)

  5. Oops...commented back from old google account. Sorry peeps. It was me, Jen.
    xo J

  6. HAWT pics of Kellan!! Me likey...

    And, that pic of Rob makes me think of Summer of Salt by lolapops every time I see it. He is totally Lakeward. If you haven't read it, I recommend ++

  7. Kellan is cute with boyish charm. That boy's body can wear clothes, too...or not!

  8. Thanks for the Kellan pickmeup today! He's too young for me (like Rob isn't, but shhhhhhhhh!!), but I think he's beautiful inside and out. Since Elusive S is going to marry Jackson, then I think my daughter should marry Kellan. Luckily she agrees with me.

  9. Did you read our Men of Twilight post last week? We featured Kellan...he is do doable. He's not Rob, but he's easy on the eyes, has a smile that melts, and he has charm oozing from his pores. Love him!

    Oh, and the VF pic is one of my faves of Rob...and it's so appropriate that he's reading "Sex Driven People". Love that.



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