Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's My Party & I Can Cry If I Want To.

When do birthdays stop being fun & start giving us anxiety?
Seriously, I woke up this morning still thinking I was 30....but no...

I'm 32.

I know, I know, it really isn't old. And I should NOT be complaining. But if you're older, remember back when you were in your early 30's? You probably felt like you were getting old, admit it.  Some of us felt like that in our 20's and we'll feel like that again when we're in our 40's, 50's and so on. It's all relative.

I don't feel that bad, I think it's more of the fact that it's kind of a bummer day.  I have two site inspections & a meeting where I have to speak in front of a bunch of people (GAG!) Then we're postponing the typical family dinner celebration to next week, because my Grandma is having an angiogram 1st thing tomorrow morning & goes in for pre-op tonight. I wanted us to all be together so postponing seemed like the best option.  My Mom's birthday is actually next Tuesday, so we're going to do a dual birthday dinner then. We have never actually done that, because my ridiculously selfless Mom always wants to make it all about me. Well not this year dammit!  Next weekend we're supposed to go to San Francisco together to celebrate our birthdays as well...this is all dependent upon my Grandma & what they find during the angiogram. They suspect her "pigs valve" (put in 6.5 years ago via open heart surgery) is failing. So, cross your fingers that all is good. 

Fortunately, DG is off tonight and we're going to spend the evening together & enjoy some grilled Salmon. I'm looking forward to that :) Maybe he'll bake me a cake?

And on a an even more positive note, the Bald Eagle Rob was SPOTTED, in Berlin no less....WITH DEAN!!!

Hai Rob, Hai Dean!

He always holds his water bottle with (2) fingers on top...hmmm...dirty thoughts.


Now that I have left you with Rob, I bid you adieu!

PS THANK YOU for the wonderful post over at TongueTwied. You ladies rock.



  1. Happy birthday!!! Sorry that sometime the world doesn't cooperate when you should be feeling more festive... Hope that next week you have a great family gathering & hear good news about your grandmother!

    I am a big fan of "birthday week" and do-overs for crappy weekday b-days, so make sure you treat yourself this weekend or next weekend if need be!

    : )

  2. First off, Happy Birthday girlfriend!! And, yes. Birthdays are not fun the older you get. But, I look at family and I always think, I wouldn't have it any other way. Even if that involves getting older. So you know what helps me? I new purse!! xoxoxo Have a great evening with your hubby.


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