Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Halloweenish

This apparently isn't brand spankin' new, but it's new to me.  

Kristen in French pretty, want to touch the hiney.

Hot Damn Girrrrrl.

I was going to do a Haloween post, but I figure this pic is know, with the orange & black ;)

Yah yah, I'm lame. I had a busy ass day at work today, then came home, turned myself into a zombie & went to my parents to 'experience' the trick or treaters as well as grub down some chili & corn bread.

Here were my costumes for the weekend:

Saturday night I went to a neighborhood dive bar with ES. I was a "sexy lifeguard." The booty shorts were a bit much for me, so I wore yoga pants...but I did have a real red skimpy bathing suite. I'll spare you the horror. Here's a tame pic with the little jacket on:

 @ ES's place, getting ready to go out.

Tonight I threw together this little ensemble...Quite a switch ;)

Zombie,'s all the same...

Hope you had a safe & super fun Halloween. 

Is it Friday yet?


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  1. Aww Jen, you look so cute in the first pic. The second one? Yes, quite the switch. Cool tho. As for the KStew pic? OOH LA LA!!


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