Friday, October 28, 2011

Rob In My 'Other' Loves Home Town!

This just might be too much for me to handle...Rob doing a BD fan event in Stockholm, Sweden...where the other love of my life is from.

What? Did you think I meant the hubs...silly girls.

Thank goodness Alex wasn't there, my vagina might have sploded'.  Now onto the beautiful pics of Rob.

Mmm, Rob's naughty look.

What's a Rob Twi fan event without some jaw porn?

So adorable, I can't take it!


He looks so beautiful. But what do you think of the black sweater? At first I thought it looked HOT...from a distance, but when I enlarged the pics, I saw it was sort of cable knit....and looked more like a woman's sweater. Wonder if he's taken a liking to borrowing KStew's clothes now? Is it payback time for all the clothes she's worn of his? Now if it was cream & a bit chunkier, it would remind me of that ever so sexy Vanity Fair photoshoot from long ago. Need a visual reminder?

I'm not sure about it, the black one. I like seeing him in something different, apart from his typical collared shirt and blazer...but the jury is still out.


PS "Sploded" was originally invented by the adorable miss @LivingWithEdward



  1. Like Rob's sweater better than Askars in that pic! Rob in a sweater reminds me of Rome Rob. i like it!

  2. Oh yes, I knew it reminded me of another old appearance, ROME ROB! Leave it to you kiTT.

    xo J

  3. Yes, thumbs up on the sweater. It's sweet. I know everything is done by stylists, but I like to think he picked it out.


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