Friday, October 21, 2011

You Can't Fool Us Rob!

Does Rob really think that all he has to do is grow a beard and we'll all have no clue who he is? Granted, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I know Rob when I see him ;)

I mean really Rob,  if you came walking through LAX disguised as one of these bearded dudes, then we might not know it's you.

Definitely NOT Rob.

Not Rob, but he does win for best beard. Is that a windmill? Hope so, because I'm severely distracted by his looks like a hairy ass, or vagina, depending on your perception....and I'm gonna puke.

Most definitely NOT Rob. But I do like the black and white.
Thinking of you @17foreverlisa

You can't fool us Rob, you sexy thang you.  [Side note:I'm not a fan of beardy Rob, not at all.]  But I suppose it makes you feel somewhat know, with all those paparazzi chasing you around.
It's a mask...

Seriously though, we know what you look like without it...a hot piece of ass heart-breakingly beautiful man.

 Mmm I wish that was my finger between those lips...

There is no hiding the lip porn my dear friend. We see it & it's making us wet.

What's in your hot pocket Rob?

All silliness aside, I'm hoping Mr. Pattinson is heading to London to visit his injured love.

Speaking of her, have you seen this picture. When I was searching for the above link, I found a wiki site with this photo. Pretty neat, I think...

KStew on set of SWATH

*Pics of Rob @ LAX today 10/21. Source - Robsessed

Are you a fan of beardy Rob? Where do you think he's headed?

UPDATE: Rob was heading to PARIS for BD promotions with Ash Greene. Hmmm, Paris is not far to London :) Maybe he'll hop a short flight over after?



  1. GAH!!! He looks fucking hot! Bearded Rob, I mean. Not the b&w picture dude. LOL!

    I love the beard, the haircut, the sunglasses... Just. UNF!

    Kristen looks sexy too.

    Hope he's on his way to see her too.


  2. You know you love the b&w dude ;)

    Praying for some Robsten pics...*praying hard*

    xo J

  3. I don't like the full-blown beardy Rob; I LOVE the haven't-shaved-in-a-couple-of-days Rob. mmmmmm....

  4. If Rob looked like this all the time, I would so lust after him constantly.

  5. Hmmmm, can't say I'm a huge fan of beards at all - and beardy Rob doesn't float my boat half as much as stubbly Rob does, but that doesn't stop me lusting after him in all of these photos...

    As for KStew - crikey, I hope for her sake that particular scene wasn't shot last Wednesday, cos it was fffffreeezing here that day! I gather some of the forest scenes have been shot not far from where I work... Hmmm, perhaps I should go set hunting this weekend...

    CC x

  6. I love beardy Rob, but those other beards are just wrong.

    It will be weird seeing Rob & Ashley promoting BD instead of Rob & Kristen. Who am I kidding. I'll be happy as long as Rob is there.

  7. Maybe he was just missing Bear... or Tom when he went with the beard this time. LOL


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