Monday, April 30, 2012

Everyone Has An Opinion

I know, I know, everyone has an opinion on who would be best for the role of "Christian Grey" in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

And pretty much that opinion is this guy:

I mean he is the guy we all envisioned, correct? Ok, maybe not all of us, but I'm willing to best most of included. But sadly, I doubt it will happen. I'm not going to bet $ on it, but I'm pretty sure we won't be blessed with that little nugget of fabulousness. Sigh....

Having said that, I had never considered who else would work....It's not like I wouldn't typically put thought into these scenarios, it's just with work & preggo brain, I don't do a lot of valuable thinking these days. Or at least thinking that deals with fictional characters.  Until now....

The lovely @tonguetwied send me THIS ARTICLE, knowing how much of an Alexander Skarsgard fan I am. I truly about choked.  He's PERFECT for the role. No seriously. He's tall, somewhat intimidating, handsome, sarcastic & smart...and that's just ASkars being himself.  When he plays Eric Northman on True Blood, he's even more perfect. Domineering, stubborn, sexy as hell & capable of falling in love with an innocent girl. See!?! 

Here's more proof, IMO.

"You've got a taste for this, haven't you?"

See, he fucks girls while they're restrained!

I realize you may completely disagree, and that's why everyone is totally entitled to their own opinion. But just thought I'd share mine.

As far as "Anastasia" goes, of course I'd love to see KStew play the role. I think she could pull off the clumsy, submissive deal very well. And I swear, I'm not just saying that because I love her like a fat kid loves cake. I mean, tell me you can't see her in this roll?! I can totally hear Kristen's voice narrating as her inner Goddess. 

Innocent, yet sexy & curious.

I can't think of any other prospective females at the moment. Have you thought of any?

Do share! I know options are out there.



  1. Rob and Kristen. End of story. And Askars would be damn good too.

  2. thinking about the idea of ASkars in a sex dungeon is making my lady parts tingle.

  3. There are actually a ton of Ana potentials popping up from twitter polls.

    I just love hearing Askars talk about this. I could definitely see him in this role because I think he has such a preference. :)

  4. Christie- Did you know that this book started as a Twilight fan fiction? She changed the names etc and it got published. So crazy to see all the amazing attention it's getting. If Rob won't do it, ASkars would be PERFECT. PS You need to buy the 1st book. I haven't read the published version yet, but trust me on this one.

    kiTT- Yes, I do think he has a preference. And if he'd like to use that on me, I'm a willing subject.

    Jaymes - ;)


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