Monday, April 30, 2012

The Kids Are Back In Town!

What town? VANCOUVER!!!!

Yes that's right folks, Robsten & others have arrived in Vancouver for BD part 2 re-shoots. What is it about the Twi-peeps being in Vancouver that gets my knickers in a twist?  Well....I guess it's the fact that I hadn't anticipated re-shoots & thought I'd never see them together filming for anything Twilight related again. It kinda gives me goosebumps.  And I'm certainly not worried that they're doing re-shoots.  I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Condon. As he said, a movie is put together like a puzzle and sometimes you realize you're missing a tiny piece. Ok, he didn't say it exactly like that, I was just paraphrasing. 

Anyhoo, onto a couple pics. They are pap pics, so I guess I'll just show a you get the idea ;)

Ash! I really wish I looked that fresh stepping off of a flight.
I know the flight from LA to Vancouver isn't long, but still, she looks fabulous.

AND, Robsten. Apparently they didn't arrive together as they were flying in from different locations.
Hope we get to see more pics!

Thoughts on the re-shoots?!

PS @Mandysmind, I expect you to do some reconnaissance work!


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  1. I trust Bill Condon too. HE didn't let me down for Part 1, so I will believe he has it together now for part 2.


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