Friday, May 25, 2012

Cosmopolis Robsten-y Goodness

Many on twitter have said it, that Cannes 2012 is like Robsten's official coming out. I don't necessarily agree, or disagree. Robsten has been out for a long time. Sure they haven't released a public statement, but you'd have to be a raging lunatic blind not to see the love these two share. They definitely haven't been shy about showing it these past few days, that's for sure. I think they're just so damn proud of each other, and have been each others rock through the past few years. I imagine it's very emotional & almost cathartic for them both to have movies premiering at Cannes simultaneously. Plus, they're both growing up...It's seeing them like this that touches me so deeply. As cheesy as it sounds, it truly stems from knowing that these two met while Rob was auditioning to play her love interest. Getting to witness them fall in love on and off screen has truly been a magical experience.

Mushy stuff aside, so many amazing pictures were surfacing today. I only had to go into the office for a bit to deliver some checks before Noon, but then had to return for a quick site inspection at 3pm (ANNOYING! Esp since the boss said I could take off early.) But you better believe I was glued to twitter! Now that I'm home & cozied up, I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures from the day. Most are from Robstenation & Robsessed.

Photocall for Cosmopolis - Loving the casual chic look.

Yes Rob, you can use those two fingers. THUD.

Could he look anymore handsome on the red carpet?!

If looks could kill cause spontaneous orgasms.....

Kristen looking the hottest I have seen her look. The lips, the dress, the hair, the lil' cleavage. 

Robsten after the movie. Such an intimate moment...

And of course, I have to be a smart ass...

K: "You know that thing I do with my lips? That's NOTHING compared to what you're getting tonight..."

And either them going to (or leaving?) the Cosmopolis after party...


Ahh, they like holding hands in France ;)


Hope you enjoyed the pics in case you hadn't seen them?!? Or if you just wanted to absorb the goodness again.




  1. Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!! So so so thankful for your post :)

  2. You're welcome! I just wanted to save some of those pics too! So exciting :)

  3. I think you picked the best pics out of all of them! And Kristen in that dress is the best I think she has ever looked, but I bet she's thankful for double-sided tape!


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