Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kristen - So Poised. I'm Impressed.

Kristen was on the Today Show this morning, and boy was she poised, eloquent and put together. Kristen is one smart cookie...truly intelligent. It's something a lot of us have always known about her simply by her extensive vocabulary, and way of describing movies, characters and experiences. However, she tends to stutter & twitch as we all have witnessed. I think she's just uncomfortable, shy & as I have said before, her mind is goes a mile a's like she can't keep up with her own brilliance. Make sense?

That said, she was very calm and seemingly more comfortable (as @tonguetwied also pointed out) on Today....and even Regis & Kelly. I can't find a good video of that bit though...

Again, she doesn't look the least bit tired. Wish we could all look that fabulous after endless travel and press.


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  1. I will love her forever! :)

    Thank you for sharing <3


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