Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today Is Like A Robsten Holiday. *VID ADDED*

Of course, there are MUCH better pictures HERE, but I'm posting these two because they seemed the most endearing.

As wise Ms. @17foreverlisa likes to say (and I'm paraphrasing)...."I don't need proof, but sometimes it's nice to be inside the bubble for a moment."

Well said. And I agree 100%.  Today is like a Robsten holiday. Sigh....

PS And I'm pretty sure they knew cameras were watching. They're not stupid. They just seem not to care.

And a sweet little vid set to music :)



  1. I am still smiling over here :D


  2. You know what I love about this video. That Rob is clearly an affectionate person. Though Kristen is over the cameras in this video, she is normally more poised around him in public. It's nice to see the two being able to display their love for one another. *Sighs*

  3. Oh ladies, I couldn't agree more. He is so tender with her. I think he brings her down a notch...and she spices him up. They are the perfect pair. And I still swoon that they met while rehearsing to play two teenagers in love...Sigh....

  4. Le sigh!!!!! I am on cloud nine!! Love this!!

  5. Is it weird that this makes us so happy?? Nice to see them being "normal" in their abnormal world.

  6. hi! do you know what music plays on the video? can you say to me? it's gorgeous and i searched a lot but i can't find.


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