Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Managed To Meet Stephenie Meyer & Lose My Vagina, All Within 24 Hours!

I was in the shower this evening, thinking about the fact that close to this time last night I was about to meet Stephenie Meyer & most of the Twilight cast when I realized, SHIT, where's my vagina?!?  Oh, it's there alright, but how the hell am I supposed to keep it 'under control' when I can't even see it?! Gah! ES says I need to relinquish my fears and go get a wax, but I'm terrified. Though I do not, and I repeat do not, want to have one of those freaky ass hairy vag's while giving birth. I know, I know, Dr.s see all kinds.....but I'd like some neatness down there if you get my drift.

Moving on.....& back to the topic we all really want to talk about, Twilight at #SDCC2012! Again this year, I am badgeless, but that hasn't stopped my excitement. Working a few blocks from the convention center is really super convenient. I was able to take a walk down to the BD2 panel line outside of Hall H on Tuesday & visit long lost friends.

Reunited again! With @17foreverlisa
Who knew 3 years ago that I'd get to hang with her at least 4 or 5 times?!
And yes, I realize my shirt is see-through. Oops.

With @ZAnyMouse, @misstejota & @FunmbiE

It was so great to see these girls (and more) again. Feels like it was just yesterday. Anyhoo, it was pretty common knowledge that the Twilight cast would probably be visiting the line sometime around 9pm on Wednesday evening. I asked around to see if anyone would mind if I "hung out"...even though I'm not camping & don't have badges. Everyone encouraged me too, but I had my doubts. I was worried I'd be too tired after work and not make it until 9pm. Well I was feeling pretty good yesterday & planned to play it by ear. Once my event was over, I still felt pretty good and said what the hell.  To kill time, I hung out in the HR lobby for about 35 minutes. At one point I noticed this guy walk by and look back at my shirt and took a second, but I realized it was Paul Mc Donald. then he leaned in to tell Nikki about it. I could clearly see him mouth the details, but they were starting to walk away and I was too nervous to run after them. Plus I would have looked like a freak. For the record, I made a shirt that said "Lil' Nudger." I *think* that's how Bella referred to Renesmee when she was in her belly at some point in the BD book.

As I was getting up to head over across the street to the convention center, I get a tweet from @mandysmind to get over to the line NOW. So I rushed & got there just in time. Sure enough about 10 minutes later the cast showed up. I was torn as to if I should have them sign my shirt, or the poster they gave out, I decided the shirt & my belly might get more reaction. And it did!

On to the pics!

Warning they were taken mostly by me, with my iPhone. The flash gets a little intense at not the best quality.

Kellan Lutz.
I have seen him at Nordstroms for an event, but never talked to him or taken a pic with him.
He is soooo friendly & very warm! He wrote "I love you" on my belly.

Maggie Grace aka Irina.
Super friendly, super talkative, super appreciative.

Casey LaBow aka Kate.

Elizabeth Reaser, aka Mama Cullen. 
And she rubbed my belly :) Very sweet & appreciative.

Mia Maestro, also very sweet.

Mr. Rathbone lookin' smokin' hot!
He seemed "happier" & more talkative than the last few times
I saw him at 100 Monkeys shows. I congratulated 
him & he happily signed the belly & wrote congratulations.
Did I mention he looked hot? Yah, sorry folks, I love the clean shaven look.

Nikki Reed. Very sweet. GORGEOUS up close & in person.
Thinner than I thought she'd be. After I asked if she would sign, she immediately 
mentioned that Paul had seen my shirt in the lobby of the Hard Rock :)

AND look who also showed up about 20 minutes after the other cast members....

Mrs. Stephenie Meyer!


Very talkative & personable. Took her time with each person.
Happy to sign and take pics. She thought I was crazy for not
finding out Baby G's sex. Wow. Just wow. I almost felt like 
I could cry. If it wasn't for this woman, I would have never had ES 
shove the books at me, there would have never been the Twlight Saga movies, 
I would have never started reading blogs, started a blog, found Twitarded, gone to Forks, or met all of you. It's been life changing & I have her to thank for an amazing 3 years.

Enough mush before I cry....

Here's my shirt, which I will frame probably.

SM right in the middle.

I'm sure @Twilovesue & others will have MUCH MORE detailed posts, but I'm pooped.  Some things to note...PFach was there, but seemed not as into it as everyone else. I got him to sign my belly really quick, which he thought was funny, even asked if it was movie prop. Think he was trying to joke. I didn't bother to ask for a picture. Angela Sarafyan, aka Tia, was probably the most talkative and sweetest out of everyone. I can't say enough about her. Just a doll. She wrote "to baby with love" and drew little hearts. Forgot to ask her for a pic. There were other Amazon & Denali Coven peeps there too, but if I couldn't remember who they were I didn't ask for a pic. Was afraid I'd call them by the wrong name or something LOL. Oh and Ashley Greene was there of course. Her 'handlers' said no pictures (the only ones that said no.) I asked if she could sign my belly and the girl almost rolled her eyes and said no. So when Ashley got closer I said hello & thank you for coming, then mentioned that I didn't have anything for her to sign and knew she could sign my stomach. She said of course she could & so she did. Odd thing is, I can't find her autograph ANYWHERE. I think she signed in silver ink against my grey shirt vs grabbing the black sharpie I'd borrowed from @misstejota. Ohwell. I already have an awesome pic with her from a 100 Monkeys concert. She is a doll. Last but not least, Mackenzie Foy was so cute, very quiet, took a good 30 second to write out her long signature at the bottom my shirt. Felt odd asking her for a pic lol.

I think that's it. Sorry if I was kind of all over the place. Preggo brain is no joke folks!

Can't wait to catch up on the BD2 cast panel videos, as well as see what the rest of the weekend has in store. Hopefully work isn't too busy tomorrow!



  1. Lucky lady. Glad you could be part of the fun. Love the pictures.

    fantastic!! Good for you... now go to sleep woman!! Lol!!

    fantastic!! Good for you... now go to sleep woman!! Lol!!

  4. Fantastic. I love living vicariously through everyone's experience. :)

    P.S. On the vagina issue - in Serbia, the nurses shave every woman before she gives birth, so no hairy monsters down there. ;)

  5. Oh, how wonderful! I loved the idea you had for your t-shirt - and to have them all sign it must have been amazing!

    Now go put your feet up, woman. You've got some more cooking to do! :-)

    CC x

  6. Wow Jen!

    I am so happy you went :)

    Love the photos!

  7. This DID make me cry! Happy tears - so awesome that the cast is STILL like this and not all 'over it" - same goes (many more times) for Stephenie Meyer. It's the books and the movies and the cast and all the Twitards (especially all of you/us!) wrapped up in one perfect package that makes me feel so smooshy right there with ya'! (Also you look ridiculously lovely and I FLOVE the shirt - I know I told you already but well done!)

  8. What a lucky duck you are! Congrats on the little one.

    My experience - there was no shaving performed for the birth of my first; a guy shaved me before my second. My advice - Just go get waxed and be done with it. It lasts longer and feels so much better growing out.

    I am so amazed and so thankful that Twilight brought us all together!


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