Friday, July 20, 2012

Those Jeans - Hot Damn!

I know you guys have seen these by now, but GAH!

ROBSTEN leaving Bobbly Long show @ the Hotel Cafe last night, 7/19.

Not sure if these are pap pics or fan pics, but nonetheless if you're sensitive, move on.

LMAO at poor Rob's face.
He does look adorable though, and those damn!

Pretty ballsy peeps with the cameras, not sure if I'd have the nerve...?!

And can I please hear a collective awwwwww at the public hand holding.

I had a feeling they'd eventually get over their fear of it. Maybe it was Scummit discouraging the PDA. But you know what....the last movie is coming out in 4 mos....most of us love seeing them together, if anything I think it gets us more excited, no?


Speaking of, I CANNOT WAIT for BD2 promotions.I assume promotions will start late September maybe early October? What do you think? I'm due Oct thankfully I won't be hold up in a hospital bed during peak promotions...nope, I'll be at home on my couch with a newborn stuck to my boob while I watch the shenanigans unfold.  Hey, something to pass the time ;)

Oh and if it's a boy....have I told you what the middle name will be? Yup, Robert. But sadly I can't attribute it to Mr. Pattinson. My Papa's (grandfather) name was Robert and DG's brother is named Robert....but hey, part of me likes to think that people might just assume there are 'other' reasons for the middle name choice...

Ok, back to work for me. Oh, and PS, if you missed the hot pics of Ms. Stewart from yesterday in LA pre Bobby Long Show, GO HERE.



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