Thursday, August 23, 2012

THE HAIR, Need I Say More???

There has been so much Rob lately & I'm loving every single second of it...ok well, despite the "sten" that is clearly missing from the equation.....Nope, not going there again.....ANYWAYS, seeing him promote Cosmopolis has got me reflecting on the past few years. I think each of us has had our favorite Rob look...and for me it really ties into THE HAIR. His hair completely shapes his face...for the good, or the "meh."



Buzz Cut Rob

Bel Ami/BAFTA Rob

Those were "ok"....

But these were my favorites...

Mmm. GQ Rob.

Can't get enough GQ...

VF Rob

More VF or GQ...  (shit, I forget.)

That said, I think his Cosmopolis promotion look is now among the ranks of my most favorite Rob looks.

How can this NOT make your lady bits swell?!
he's ALL MAN. Yum

I can't wait to see him on Kimmel....and look....

He even did the sex walk while arriving at the show!

Wish I could insert a super appropriate song to go along with this pic, but I'm too lazy. 

Someone needs to make a video out of this. Please?!

And for those of you that are dying to see him on Kimmel, like me, GO HERE . I haven't even watched it yet!


What do you think of his Cosmopolis "look"???

What's your favorite Rob "look"???



  1. I Love, Love, Love Cosmopolis Rob! I think he has never looked better!

  2. This is my second favorite look! #1 goes to GQ!

  3. He looks SO damn good right now


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