Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why Do I Torture Myself?!

So ridiculous that this makes me cry like a baby.

I don't know them. 

They don't know me.

I thought I was healing....& then decided to torture myself by watching this. 


And yup, I'm sharing....not to torture you, but because in some twisted way, it's therapeutic to share & receive feedback from those who feel the way I do. I'm looking at you @17foreverlisa.



  1. Ok, that just made me tear up. I sincerly hope they both find happiness, but I admit I want it to be with each other. I know it's a long shot, but I hope they work through this.

  2. *sniff sniff*

    I'm not giving up on Robsten just yet. I think they both need some time to heal. Many couples have overcome things like this. I sure hope they can work it out.

  3. Seeing them together and happy makes me so sad. I hope they can work it out.

  4. If real life was fan fiction this would all work out like we would want it too. Maybe it can. I guess we are all hopeless romantics and that is why we love the whole mystique of Twilight so.

  5. I can't stand that I do somehow care (STILL working out the post on this. boo.) and watching this would make me cry and I am not even pregnant lol... *sniff*

    is it SO wrong that i wanted the HEA for them, too? so sue me.

    1. HEA? Apologies, I am sooooo slow these days. It will really be interesting to see how the whole promotional side of things play out. I mean, you can have them do separate interviews etc, but they're going to need to pose on the red carpet together. UNCOMFORTABLE! Only time will tell, right?

      xo J


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