Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Case Of The Plaid Shirt

Photos of Rob surfaced this morning!  The link via claimed he was leaving a meeting in Beverly Hills.

*The first two appear to be pap pics, so sorry if they offend you.*

After seeing these pics I was immediately reminded of this old pic from 09 (?)

Come to think of it, we have seen this shirt a few times.

Not sure if it's the EXACT same shirt, but pretty close anyways.  

Hai TomStu.

We see you peeking out from under that snazzy black jacket.

Schmexy Rob

Rob isn't the only one who likes that shirt ;)

This one appears to be a thicker jacket, but looks like they share this one too.

I think it's kick ass that they share clothes, as if the Nonstens needed anymore proof ;)  I only have one sweatshirt of DG's that I like to wear occasionally. I guess if my style was more tomboyish like KStew, I might borrow more of his stuff? Nah, who am I kidding, Rob's clothes are way cooler than DG's.

Do you share clothes with your s/o?



  1. I wear some of my hubby's shirts cuz they're so comfy. I'm a total tomboy like KStew. However, I will NEVER be able to fit into my hubs' pants, lol

  2. It's been a while, but I used to share some of Mr. Snarky's things. I think I wore his boxer shorts before anything else - lol... Spending the night at his place and didn't have any jammies, soooo... I thought they looked pretty snappy on me! : )

    If I had one of Rob's shirts, well, that would also look snappy & might even rekindle my love affair with plaid (I am old and did grunge, pt 1, back in the day. -ish. I have probably given away more plaid than most people have ever owned.


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