Saturday, March 31, 2012

Damn You Twitter!

*Kids Choice Spoiler*

So here I am on this lovely Saturday evening, gearing up to watch the Kids Choice Awards. Yes that's right, I'm 32 & super excited to watch. Ok, mainly it's because I knew KStew was going to be making an appearance. I even watched the Orange carpet pre-show on E, in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. Sure enough they showed her arriving and walking the carpet. She looked AMAZING. The blue lacey dress with the sexy blue shoes & ponytail were stunning. Of course I went on twitter to rave about it & stumbled across a tweet from Twilightish saying that Kristen had won Favorite Female-something-rather.  Damn you twitter! Oh well, I'm still going to watch it. It just started here on the West Coast.

Now I have to share the amazing pics I found on Twilightish.

Love this one, hilarious.

Gah! She looks so pretty in every single one. That color is truly amazing on her.




  1. I love that she always looks put together and flawless without being overly done up. If I had the money (and body for it) I would definitely take my fashion cues from her... even her down time looks. I only get away with the knock offs of those.


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