Sunday, March 4, 2012

Je t'aime, Robsten!

The minute I saw pictures of Rob in NYC, I crossed my fingers & toes hoping he'd soon be on his way to see Kristen in Paris. Of course Paris isn't nearly as far from NYC as it is from CA, so I was pretty sure he was but didn't want to get my hopes up.  You all know I'm still a hopeless Robsten fanatic. I love those two together more than oreos & milk, more than ketchup & bacon...and that's saying a lot.

Well, my hopes were confirmed when a shit load of pap pics surfaced late last night. I don't normally post pap pics, but I have a huge weakness when it comes to these two. And, it totally melts my heart that they're in Paris together, because Paris truly is one of the most romantic cities in the world. I know it's  totally cliche', but I have been there twice & I speak from experience. It's definitely a magical city.

River Seine, Paris

I took a boat ride during sunset down this river...totally breathtaking.

Speaking of breathtaking...and to get to the point of this post.... two favorite lovebirds....

You can see tons more adorable pics HERE. I love the one where Kristen is rubbing his head. I can so hear her giving him shit about his hair growing back in like a chia pet or something. Can't you?



  1. Omg!! I totally agree! These pics melt my heart! So sweet! So glad there is another Robsten fan out there!

  2. I saw a vid clip that made me just want to shout "JMFHF JUST LET THEM HAVE A MEAL!!!" but they look so cute! And the thought of what that hair feels like? I miss the longer locks but UNF.

  3. I've been to Paris twice, such an amazing city. I'm going to go there with the love of my life, too. *waits patiently for him to show up*

    Whilst I hate pics like this - can you imagine not even being able to eat dinner in peace? - I love them at the same time :-)


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