Thursday, March 1, 2012

KStew - Beautiful in Paris

Here are a few pics of my favorite girl heading to the Balenciaga show in Paris for Fashion Week.

Love how the top brings out her green eyes. Beautiful!

What do you think of those pants? I can't tell if they have stirrups that go around the heel or if the heel is built in? High fashion isn't my thing. LOL.



  1. I personally am not in love with the pants or shoes (in fact, I kind of hate them). But, she makes everything look good. :)

  2. I would turn for this girl. That is all.

  3. I'll just say she looks much better in those pants than I would (by FAR lol) but it's still not the most flattering look. The high-waisted-skinny thing is...iffy to me. And doesn't really flatter anyone no matter how hot/skinny/in shape, imho. Not sure but it does look like the pants are attached to the shoes? Is that even possible??? To the internets!

  4. the pants are hot - she's young and skinny and can pull it off. the shoes on the other hand - ugh. i'm not a fan of that look. i like the peep toe but when the top of the foot is exposed, not the whole foot. why even wear a shoe for fk's sake. the shoes are separate from the pants. maybe they are boots or something, but yeah, they're fugly.


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