Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Jackson:

Dear Jackson,


I know that we don't post about you as much as we used to, but please my dear, don't chalk it up to lack of obsession love on our part.  We still dig you, big time. It's just that so many of our lovely Twitarded friends have been lucky enough to meet you, and or experience your AMAZEBALLS band 100 Monkeys in person.  Since everyone else was getting their own case of Jacksonitis, we felt it was time to lay off the posts...we'd done our job of spreading the disease, mission accomplished.

Now this doesn't mean we have stopped posting about you, it's just that the posts have become less frequent. We don't feel compelled to write an overly detailed post every time we go to a 100 Monkeys show...because we have been blessed with 8 shows already, going on 9 this Sunday! I'd like to say that going to these shows has become a hobby of sorts.  If we could have gone to your LA & Anaheim shows this week too, we would have...but I'm sure you understand how life can get a little crazy at times...Life has been so crazy in fact, that even my handwriting has gone down the tube. Look, I was trying to calculate just how many times we have seen you...

Did a crack whore write this?

I keep track my what I wore. I sense a theme....

Anyways Jackson, I wanted to give you a little warning: We're coming for the meet & greet this Sunday at the HOB in San Diego. Yup, I know, just how much Jackson do you need? A lot apparently.  We're a little nervous because what if you recognize us [yah yah, don't flatter ourselves] & wonder what the hell we're doing at an official meet & greet when we have already met &  greeted you on numerous occasions. Well my friend, we sort of got "hooked up" you could say...and what was I supposed to do, let her die refuse?

Right, you see, we're in an awkward sitch.  So that said, be kind. We're really kind of nervous.  In the past we have quickly taken a picture with you, exchanged niceties, and been on our squeeish way...this time it seems more staged if you will. Oh and btw, ES is going to ask you something pretty prepare yourself my future brother in law friend.

Lots of love,


P.S. Just in case you need a reminder...

The 1st time you put your arms around us.




  1. Hahahaha I love this post! I wish we could all go in to our M&Gs together.. but then again I don't want to have to fight Sarah for his affection. Or maybe I do. *tag team*

  2. I got the email alert for this post and was grinning ear to ear. Love it!

    I already knew what Sarah was going to ask him, but now I know that kiTT came up with an even better idea. LOL! Dew it, Sarah!

    The "let her die" reference cracked my ass up.

    I love that you two gave me Jacksonitis. I've never been sicker than I am right now ;)

    Have fun at the M&G. I can't wait to hear all about it and see your pictures.


  3. I love that you have seen Jackson so many times. I sure hope he remembers you and it becomes more of a conversation than a quick photo opp. Can't wait to hear about it.

  4. I saw Jackson last month at the HOB in Orlando. I brought a pal to the show and she has Jacksonitis. Full blown infection.

    She event mention the show your going to tonight on the phone. Right now if she could afford flying accross country, she would.
    I will have to send her a link to your site, shes new to the blogs. I just got her to read twitarded last week.

  5. Have so much fun!!! Their pull is too tough to resist, you have to go meet again and give them greetings. Wish them congrats on a new album for me. I prob forgot to tell them that.

    How's he gonna refuse ES?

  6. I haven’t seen them yet, but I don’t have Jacksonitis either, I am sorry to confess. Still, I would love to catch his band live. I just saw Paramore on Thursday and they were amazing and I just did an interview with Sam Bradley, so I’m super excited to get that posted and I’ll be seeing him in September. (Which, I would die if Rob ever decided to come to Hawaii to see Sam play.)

    Have fun!! (And btw, I miss being back in Cali. You guys get to do everything fun)

  7. I love this post and I love both of you, Jen and Sarah. I hope it was a great night. Can't wait to hear the stories.


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