Monday, August 8, 2011

The Teen Choice Awards Need Ritalin

I didn't watch the Teen Choice Awards 2011.

*ducks and runs for cover*

Does this mean I'm getting old?

Does it mean I don't love Rob anymore?


I totally would have watched it had I been home curled up on my own couch, but I was over at one of my besties having dinner and gearing up for True Blood.  We were going to watch it, but her Mom was sucked into some Lifetime movie and we felt she might be peeved if we changed it. It totally wasn't the end of the world, I knew I'd catch up on pictures and vids today.  I heard that Mr. Pattinson didn't even show up until halfway through the show. I wondered if maybe he had the shits,  or just wanted to get shitfaced away from prying teenage eyes?!


Maybe he wanted to keep all of us guessing about his damn hair.

"Yes, I'm still sportin' the half-hawk, jealous?!"

Geez Rob, really?!  TRUTHFULLY, it actually looks pretty good in that pic. He's such a damn cutie. I was wondering if he'd be sporting something more along the lines of this:

Oh well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. I think he's fucking with us. He knows we're all dying to see what he'll do. Maybe he'll grow a mullet for all we know. Let's hope not.

Rob wasn't the only Twilight cast member in attendance.  Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautnor & Nikki Reed also showed up.

I actualy preferred Nikki's look this time around...

If you want to see some more pictures and vids from last night, head over to Robsessed. They always have an abundance of Rob goodies!

And one last pic I almost forgot...Rob leaving the ever so famous Hollywood hotspot/hotel, Chateau Marmont:

Adios Roberto!

Did you watch the awards? I heard on twitter it was like watching a kid with A.D.D....apparently the show was all over the place. Guess it has to be that way these days to catch the kiddos attention...sad.

*Half-Hawk coined by the lovely @Mama_Cougar



  1. I was only a tad disappointed we didn't get a full on short cut and yes the show was really ADD. You could hardly keep up with the winners. When they would announce someone one coming out to present or accept an award they would say "Oh and they won (insert award here)." Really hard to keep up with. They also had 2 'regular teenage girls' on to interview people backstage, good lord you wouldn't even believe me if I told you the things they were saying or how they were acting. Like oh my god, like so totally, like really really hehehe *facepunch!*

    I've learned my lesson for next year.. just say no.

  2. I didn't watch it. I could care less about the TCA and the weird categories they offer. Plus, Sunday is True Blood--Heeellllloo?

    But I'm sad to see he's still sporting the half-hawk. Oh, well. *Sighs*


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