Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who's Ass Am I Going To Have To Kick?

This past Sunday, we went to see those lovely 100 Monkeys at the House of Blues here in our hometown of San Diego. America's finest city was the last stop along their Liquid Zoo tour.  Coincidentally, they ended their 100 City Tour here last Summer...I like to think that they are sending us subliminal messages, not that it's just one of the most Southern cities in California & a convienent last stop. I'll be honest when I say it's great not to have to drive to LA, but truth be told, there's an energy to the LA shows that you just can't beat.

Taken on they way to see 100 Monkeys the night before the NM premiere.

They did have an LA show on Thursday (?) & an Anaheim show on Saturday, but I just don't have the time, what with planning this wedding and all. Plus, it's not like finances are at their best.  Fortunately, @TwiloveSue & her book club buds got to experience all three shows. You can keep up with her posts here.

As evening approached, the more nervous I became. ES & I had been hooked up with a meet & greet with the boys. The long & the short of it is, I book HOB space as an independent corportate event planner that reps a lot of the restaurants/bars in downtown San the Director of Sales there hooked me up with tix way back when, since she knew I was such a fan, then later got me the meet & greet. VERY cool and unexpected. AND to top off the excitement, @Jaymes805 & @LuvsMeSumEdward were coming to the show too.
Anyways, we lined up with @Jaymes805 & @LuvsMeSumEdward to go into the Delta Room where they were holding the meet & greet. Eventually we were let in. Felt like forever. They actually did the sound check prior to the meet & all of those VIP's got to score spots right in front of the stage...Anyhoo, we were finally let in, and within about 3 min, out came Jackson, Jerad, Ben J, Ben G & Uncle Larry. Ben G did a quick pose on the couch and we all laughed.

Like this, but with no boobs.

At this point I was really nervous...When our turn arrive, I walked very casually towards them & cheerfully said "Hi guys!" I tried to look each and every one of them in the eye....not just drool like a mad woman over JRath.  As I'm saying hello, I hear Jackson say to ES, "Ok..who's ass do I have to kick?"...she responds with  "huh?" He says, "Your broken foot, how'd ya do it?" And in a very unphased tone, ES says " I slipped on a banana peel." He then smiles that killer panty wetting smile of his.  ES was dared by @BlueDarcy to say that if any of them asked why she was wearing a boot. Classic...and she pulled it off well. We then just chitcatted about how excited we were to see their show, and that it was our 9th show. They seemed impressed and were all very welcoming super friendly. We had them sign a DVD & photo, both ES's.  It all seems like a blur, but I can say it was definitely cool to meet them while were were sober ;) & to have more than a minutes with them, unlike other times. UNFORTUNATELY, Lani is now taking the group pics with their camera, and she hasn't update the shutterfly needless to say, I don't have our pic yet! Booooo. I'll post it as soon as I can get my dirrrty little hands on it. P.S I let ES squeeze in next to Jackson & Ben J, while I was between the ever so adorable Ben G & Mohawtie (aka Jerad)....sigh...he's so damn hot.  Oh, and can I just note that Jackson is soooo ridiculously sexy? Not that you were clueless to that fact or anything. It's a different kind of sexy than Rob....Jackson has a way with women.  He ooooooozes sex. Especially on stage.

Here are some pics of us girls from the evening. Truth be told, ES's pics of the band came out really crappy. But then again, it's not like we don't have tons of pics from shows. Plus I'm sure @Jaymes805 & @TwiloveSue will post some. Here they go!

Drinks on the patio of HOB before the M&G.

Clearly @Jaymes805 & I are trying to be funny, while @LuvsMeSumEdward & @Elusive_S are treating like a photoshoot.

with @Jaymes805

with Sista', aka @Elusive_S

Love those Monkeys!

"Did you just touch my butt?"

PS See that bruise on my left arm?! From the damn Whooping cough vaccine!

AND....some crappy ones of the band. ES had her camera on the wrong setting.

JRath & Mohawtie

Such a killer smile...

I almost forgot! After the show, the boys did an autograph signing for everyone right near the merch table. Very smart of them I must say. So, of course I had to buy a shirt for them to sign. I suspected they were going to do this, as @TwiloveSue & @Jaymes805 had tipped us off.  So I changed into the shirt for the signing so they would have no choice but to touch my back ;)

The shirt was only $20, & absolutely adorable. It fits really well & is a fantastic bright purple. The pictures don't do the color justice. It's the type of shirt I'd wear quite a bit solely based upon the fit of it.  The front has a sword and the words "I will kill you in your sleep, so you better try and try and keep awake.." And the back has 100 Monkeys in blocky lettering on the bottom. Super cute!

L-R Jerad (top), Ben J (below), Uncle Larry (silver), Jackson & Ben G.

By the way, ES had the band sign her know, the one for her broken foot. She was going without it for a while, but it became really painful again and she wore it so no one would step on her. When she walked up to the table and said "Will you sign my boot?" By his reaction, I swear Jackson thought she said BOOB. LMAO! Anyways, they all seemed happy to sign it. Especially Uncle Larry, who kneeled down and had her put her foot up on his knee. Such a laaadies man.

I'm thinking they are definitely going to do an LA show sometime between now & when they leave for Europe. They typically do one when they are in LA and Jackson is promoting one of the Twilight movies...I hope they even do two...because if it's not during my wedding or honeymoon, WE WILL BE THERE!



  1. You girlz are all gorgeous!!

    And you were holding out on me, Jen. I didn't know about the autographs on your new shirt (brilliant!) and Sarah's boot. So, so cool.

    You know how much I hope you're right about show(s) in LA while I'm there in November.

    So glad you and Sarah got a chance to do the meet and greet. Jackson's opening to give Sarah a chance to deliver Darcy's line was perfect!

    Very cool!

  2. Awwh! It looks like you all had such a blast!!! :)

  3. I love the "slipped on a banana peel" answer :) Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. You guys are adorable and I love hearing stories about how awesome the Monkeys are. I have some really great pictures from the SD show for you!

  4. I love all of it. What a classy group.

  5. Cutie patooties! I love seeing these pics now that I've met you gals and I can just see how much fun and laughter there would have been. Love you all hard xxx

  6. I am so glad you did the Meet and Greet, it sounds like it was too much fun. I LOVE that Sarah said the banana peel line.

    Those pictures have a whole lot of gorgeous in them and I do not mean the monkey men. You ladies are all beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


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