Monday, August 29, 2011

I Made Out With Jackson... my dream last night. Holy hell!

ES & I went to see those lovely 100 Monkeys last night here in San Diego.  We'll post about that once we can upload some pics.  In the mean time, I dreamed of Jackson & 100 Monkeys last night. All I remember from the dream was that ES & I were hanging out with them here in San Diego... Even though I vaguely remember it being detailed and seemingly very long, I don't remember a lot of specifics as I type this...but I do remember that at one point of the dream, I was in my Grandma's bathroom checking myself out in the mirror when Jackson comes bounding in all smiles and full of energy.  I remember asking him if he'd take a picture with me and handing my Mom (who somehow appeared) the camera. I leaned in and he turned towards me and stuck his tongue out trying to be funny. As I turned towards him to see his face, he leaned in and kissed me...I was super shocked and started to pull away because I knew it was wrong (I'm engaged!), but he pulled me in closer and slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth. It was AHHHHHMAZING. [Side note: My Mom left...she's not one to judge] He kissed like I'm sure he f*cks....slow at first, exploratory...then BAM, he turns it into a feverish race. At one point, I just thought "screw it," this is just too good to stop. That's when ES barged in with some big black dude. Apparently they thought my Grandma's bathroom was unoccupied, boy was she shocked to see us.  Then another big tall black dude comes in and starts mouthing off to me. He was pissed I was in there with some small white dude.  And that was that, it was over.

Totally weird, right?!

As if we needed anymore reasons to lust after Mr. Rathbone, @17foreverlisa sent me this video yesterday. I hadn't had a chance to watch it till just now, and go figure, it made me remember my dream. Hot damn, this is one hell of a video tribute to Jackson's sexyness.

Enjoy, & thanks Lisa!


  1. Damn you and your ability to make me slip off chairs.

    Good for you, giiiirl!

  2. Is it just me or is it HAWT in here?!? Amazing vid...I am officially horny! ;)

  3. *fans self*

    lucky girl even in your dreams


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