Monday, August 22, 2011

Sometime A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do

Twitarded tends to start some posts like this: Warning: This post is going to be all over the place, or this post is really random, or this post has no get the idea. But fortunately for us, they're a bunch of liars. No matter how obscure or scatterbrained they "claim" their post will's not.  Those h00rs always find a way to make it poignant, or at least, make you pee your pants.

But I digress...

Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I apologize for that visual's Monday, what else can I say?   *SIGH*

This post really is going to be all over the gawdamn place. For realz.  I have had a few glasses of champagne and there really isn't anything Rob Twilight related to write about, but I feel like there. Deal.

Ok, that's not entirely true.  I have some news!  ES & I are going to see those schmexy 100 Monkeys on Sunday night!

I miss these boys...

I feel like it's been light years since we have seen them. Granted it's only been since May...but geez. 
 Last Summer, the boys ended their 100 City tour in San Diego at the HOB, and once again they're ending another tour at the HOB. Last year it was during Comic Con, so needless to say it was an absolute cluster fuck trying to get into the venue. They hadn't anticipated how many of us hormone ridden women (and I use the word "women" loosely) would show up. HOB had no idea what to do...they had some shit called "capacity rules" and thus left quite a few gals outside...Not us of course, because well, that just doesn't happen to us....we know how BIG they are. Anyways, it was a ticket less event. 100 Monkeys was playing in the restaurant. This year HOB learned their lesson & they are performing in the music they should be. 

A very bloggy bestie sent me this video the other night and I about wet my pants. I can't embed it because for some reason it makes typing slow to a hault, and I can't deal with that shit right now. Anyhoo, the video totally reignited my lust for Mr. Rathbone. Like I have said a thousand times....there is nothing like seeing that man band live. NOTHING. And Jackson's moves are enough to warrant 5 ShamWows.

Moving on...

In case you haven't been the most alert, it appears that we'll be blessed with a Breaking Dawn Convention in LA come November!  I imagine, with the TWIFECTA! More importantly, Rob and Kristen.  IF you go HERE, you'll see "save the date" for November 4th. I suspect it's the 4th, 5th and 6th, as per usual for Twilight Conventions. And yes, I will be there.

...because I NEED to see this again.
*Pic courtesy of @TwiloveSue

I may wait till the cheaper single day tix come out, because I'm not made of money...that, and that little thing called my wedding is lurking around the corner. Even though my parents are paying for the majority if it, I still find myself shelling out big bucks here and there.  I have a really hard time expecting them to pay for EVERYTHING.

Anyways, super freakin' excited.

Speaking of excited, can I tell you just how jealous I am that you're all going to Foooooooorks AGAIN!?  Gah!  It's a good kind of jealous though, because I know all of you that are making the trip are going to have a fabulous time.  I expect to be glued to twitter while I'm getting my make up done.  The ceremony is at 6pm on Friday 9/30...Fooooorks time. I will be cheers-ing to you all, with champagne of course.

Guess that's all I had to say. I told you it would be all over the place ;)



  1. I can't even express how sad it makes me that your NOT going to be in FOOORKS!!! case you didn't know how sad I am.. picture Bella after Edward leaves her in the Forest..and the months fly by.. yes, that sad..And, it's always ok to post random shiz..cause we love you no matter what you's always ya Double_Dippin

  2. I was really hoping the convention would be in 2012. I don't have any more time left to make this November "show". Dang it!


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