Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BD Trailer, How Many Times Have You Watched It?!

Wow. So today, I posted a very disorganized post. It started with me talking about how the trailer WAS coming out, and then it came out before I expected & simply put, I lost my mind.

 I think it's by far the best YET (at least that I have seen.) Granted I didn't see the Twilight trailer. Ok I'm lying. I did see it, but when I wasn't interested in Twilight. I think because I wasn't a fan at that time, the New Moon trailer was that much more amazing. I remember watching it over and over with major goosebumps. It had only been a couple of months since I finished the book that it came out. To be honest, the Eclipse trailer was a bit anticlimactic for me....it was my favorite book, but I didn't feel the same high I felt when seeing New Moon's.
That said....the BD trailer really surprised me. It appears that Bill Condon deserves a thousand blow jobs from Jack Morissey high five! The movie appears to be extremely close to the book. I'm too tired to go in to details, so please, see for yourself!

And for the stills...WOW, just WOW.

Found @ Robstenation.blogspot.com

I find it fascinating that I am getting married in just over 2 weeks....and we're all anticipating the wedding of a lifetime. Seeing Bella walk down the isle and Charlie cry definitely pushed me over the edge today. 

I am a hundred times more excited about November 18th now. 

Can't wait!




  1. I want to see YOUR wedding!!!!

    I liked the opening with the golden eyes and then the closing with the black eyes. It looks really good.

  2. Holy balls....everytime I watch this i get more and more excited! It looks like the best one yet. And the makeup on Bella when she's preggers is SO good!!!! I clap wildly when angryward comes out. Gawd, I can't wait.
    And holy shit, you'll be married in 2 weeks!!! Squeeeee!

  3. I'm so ridiculously excited about this movie and love the stills in your post! Thanks for being my supplier :)

    I hope you have a very wonderful and peaceful next two weeks! XO


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